More Unique Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow Comic Book Fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more fascinating characters. Now, let’s begin!

  • Comet Man Real Name: Dr. Steven Beckley Status: Superhero First Appeared: Comet Man #1 (February 1st, 1987) Ht: 6’1” Wt: 190 lbs Creator: Marvel Powers/Abilities: Teleportation, Flight, Force Field, Mind Projection, Energy Blasts

Steven Beckley was an astronaut that met a terrible fate with a comet. Luckily, the ship was piloted by an alien named Max. Max, using his advanced technology, rebuilt the astronaut’s body, and gave him amazing powers. Upon returning to Earth, he found out that his daughter and wife were missing. After finding them, he joined the Fantastic Four in battling  AIM.


  • Impulse: Real Name: Unknown Status: Member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard Ht: 5’10” Wt: N/A First Appeared: X-Men #107 (1977) Creator: Marvel Power/ Abilities: Flight via “flight belt, can shoot concussive energy blasts from his visor.

Most of Impulse’s past is shrouded in mystery, but we do know a couple of key factors. First, he’s composed of pure energy, and doesn’t have a physical form. Second, he’s been a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard for many years. Lastly, he was seemingly arrested after helping defeat Thanos.



Asher’s Art Gallery (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and my Art Gallery is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some great works. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

  • Centro Tree by Larry Carlson Archival pigment print on metallic paper

This is a fantastic work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s an outdoor scene with a very colorful and trippy sky. The background is also filled with fiery trees, psychedelic mushrooms, and multi-headed creatures. We also have a mysterious lake that’s covered in mandalas. In conclusion, this is  uniquely awesome work that still fascinates me to this day.



  • The Clearing by Rene Magritte 1944 oil on canvas 

This is a beautiful work by “Master Surrealist”, Rene Magritte. It’s another outdoor piece with many gorgeous colors. It appears to be the middle of the day, and the sky is a milky blue. There’s also various birds surrounding the area, and, for some reason, a large baguette. It almost looks like the remains of a picnic, and this bizarre object brings the humor of the work together. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.

the clearing

More Delicious Foods From Around The World (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more delicious foods. Now, let’s dig in!

  • Bath Buns are sweet pastries that come from the United Kingdom. They’re made from a milk-baked yeast dough, and crushed sugar. It’s usually topped with candied fruit.

bath buns.jpg


  • Ayam kecap is a savory dish that comes from Southeast Asia. It’s made with chicken that’s been simmered in a sweet soy sauce. It’s eaten as a main dish, and is usually spiced with various herbs and vegetables.

ayam kecap.jpg

More Awesome Saviors Of Uldum Cards

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! The newest expansion came out yesterday, and with it, a buttload of amazing cards. Now that I’ve been experimenting with many decks, I’m ready to make a part 2 to the original post. Now, let’s brawl!

  • Scarlet Webweaver Type: Hunter Epic Tribe: Beast Mana Cost 6 Attack: 5 Health: 5 Effect: Battlecry: Reduce the cost of a random Beast in your hand by (5).

An absolutely fantastic card to use in any beast deck. The reduced cost is incredibly powerful, and you can get a Tunneling Rhino out for 0 mana.



  • Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron Type: Mage Epic Spell Effect: Cast 10 random spells (targets chosen randomly).

Another wonderfully random card, that embodies the spirit of one of the best legendary cards ever made. This card can make or break a game, but it’s fun as hell to play regardless.


More Awesome Cards From Saviors of Uldum

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for the second look at the new expansion. Some absolutely insane cards have been released, and the expansion keeps looking better and better. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly brawl!

  • King Phaoris Type: Legendary Neutral Minion Mana Cost: 10 Appearance: The ancient king of cats. Attack: 5 Health: 5 Effect: Battlecry: For each spell in your hand, summon a random minion of the same cost.

This is a card that I incredibly excited for. I’ve said on multiple occasions that I love the randomness of cards, and this one fits that to a T! The amount of value you can get out of this is ridiculous, and running a spell-heavy deck will get you very far with this card.



  • Siamat Type: Legendary Neutral Minion Tribe: Elemental Mana Cost: 7 Appearance: A powerful and epic genie. Attack: 6 Health: 6 Effect: Battlecry: Gain 2 of Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, or Windfury (your choice).

Another amazing legendary card that has multiple uses. First, you can use it to stall out your opponent by creating a huge wall. Second, you can create an aggressive attacker that can do heavy damage. I can imagine many decks built around this fantastic card.



More Delicious Foods From Around The World (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more delicious foods. Now, lets dig in!

  • Turon is a popular snack that comes from the Philippines. It’s made with jackfruit, banana, brown sugar, and a variety of fillings. They include; cheddar cheese, coconut, mango, or sweet potato.



  • Germknodel is a steamed dumpling that comes from Germany. The dumpling is made from yeast, and is covered with a spiced plum filling. It can be eaten as a dessert or as a main dish.


Awesome New Cards From Saviors of Uldum

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! The newest expansion is coming out August 6th, and the new cards look absolutely incredible. As of now, 47 out of the 135 cards have been released, and I definitely have some favorites. Expect a much more thorough review when the expansion comes out. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly brawl!

  • BEEEES!!! Type: Druid Common Spell Mana Cost: 3 Appearance: A goblin about to be devoured by a massive swarm of bees. Effect: Choose a minion. Summon four 1/1 bees that attack it. 

First of all, I love the Wicker Man reference of this card. Second, the effect is super unique, and can lead to many wonderful combos. If you combine this card with Knife Juggler or Addled Grizzly, chaos ensues, and your opponent will never see it coming.



  • Wild Bloodstinger Type: Hunter Epic Minion Tribe: Beast Mana Cost: 6 Attack: 6 Health: 9 Effect: Battlecry: Summon a minion from your opponent’s hand. Attack it. Appearance: A giant crab-like beast with huge claws.

Jesus Christ! This card is absolutely amazing! Its stats are extremely good, and its effect has been done before. The ability to disrupt a combo piece by attacking it before it can even be played is insane, and I can see whole decks being built around this mechanic.



  • EVIL Recruiter Type: Warlock Common Minion Mana Cost: 3 Appearance: A blonde-haired elf with evil arcane power. Attack: 3 Health: 3 Effect: Battlecry: Destroy a friendly Lackey to summon a 5/5 demon.

This card has some much value for 3 mana, and the effect is really close to being broken. You essentially get a 3 cost 8/8, and the combos with it are immense. 

evil recuiter