Asher’s Book Reviews (One Every Month)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my monthly book review! I have reviewed one book in the past, and would like to make this a permanent topic. This post has a lot of sentimental value to me, as it was my introduction into the Bizarro genre. Bizarro fiction, in my opinion, is the Abstract Art of book genres. Books in the genre usually discuss often controversial subject matter, and have different meanings depending on the viewer. The genre has gained a cult following, and many famous people like Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Moorcock are among the fans. Some may be immediately turned off by the often vivid and visceral nature of these books, while others absolutely adore them. I am a major fan of this genre, and will definitely discuss more of these books in the future. This amazing tome from’s executive editor, David Wong, is simply titled John Dies at the End. Now, let’s begin this month’s review!

John Dies at the End by David Wong (August 15th, 2007) First book in the three part series Genres: Humor,Horror, Bizarro, Science Fiction, and Fantasy 362 pages

This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The first sentence will grab you by the hand, and take you on a Surrealist acid trip of epic proportions. The book was also made into an equally incredible film that permanently sticks with you for many years to come. The story is about two great friends named John and Dave, and the ridiculous adventures that they go on together. They live in an undisclosed place in the Midwestern United States, and try to stop paranormal activity in their city. Dave meets reporter, Arnie, and he tells him the rest of the paranormal occurrences, which make up the rest of the book. We also learn about this black, and seemingly moving substance known as “Soy Sauce.” This drug enters the body intravenously, and causes the user to have amazing powers. The powers include; mind reading, precognition, enhanced vision, and dream reading. Unfortunately, every time the substance is used, the user begins to lose their perception of reality, and it also can result in an extremely gruesome death.  I am leaving out many details, because it’s very easy to spoil the book. The book includes talking meat monsters, undead skinheads, and other ridiculous anomalies that I will leave up to the readers to find out. In conclusion, John Dies at the End is a brilliant and drug-induced fever dream that will blow your mind!!

10/10 (Absolutely Amazing)