Crazy Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries (Every Other Monday)

Warning! NSFW Content Ahead!

Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more crazy Pokedex entries. Now, let’s see what Fochun and Ebin have to offer us!

  •  Warudio (The World Pokemon) #282 Dark/Fighting Type Gender: Male or Female Ability: Regenerator  Ht: 6’03” Wt: 231.5 lbs (Based off of the main antagonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a super strong vampire named Dio Brando and his stand, The World.) The final evolution of Diobat. Evolves when exposed to a Moon Stone

Description: A yellow, vampire bat-like creature with red eyes and spiky hair.

Dex Entry: Warudio was the power to stop time for short periods, making the opponent useless. (Its cry is WRYYY! The sound effect Dio makes when he stops time and smashes his opponent with a steamroller).  


  • Saudoge (The Doge Pokemon) #257 Fire/Flying Type Ability: Blaze Gender: Male or Female Ht: 10’06” Wt: 286.8 lbs The final form of Hodtog. Evolves from Wienebark at level 38 (Based off of the old Doge meme and a flaming Chinese dragon).

Description: A red, fiery hotdog and dragon hybrid.

Dex Entry: While flying through the sky, Saudoge is often confused for a dragon.



  • Senketula (The Scissors Pokemon) #298 Bug/Dark Type Ability: Hyper Cutter or Intimidate Gender: Male or Female Ht: 3’11” Wt: 66.1 lbs Evolves from Araketsu at level 21 (Based off of the main character’s weapon in Kill La Kill)

Description: An incredibly cool spider-like creature with large fangs, strange eyes, and a black body.

Dex Entry: Araketsu take this form when their blood boils way too much. Although Senketula are considered monsters, they never lose their way. (It’s cry is Don’t Lose Your Way! This is a reference to Kill La Kill’s opening song).



More Fascinating Foods From Around The World (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more interesting foods. Now, let’s dig in!

  • Malidzano is a special spread that comes from Macedonia. It’s made with garlic, purred eggplants, sirenje cheese, and other spices. 



  • Chikki is a sweet dessert that comes from India. It’s made with jaggery and ground nuts. Sesame seeds and puffed rice can also be added.


Asher’s Pub (Every Other Thursday)

Hello fellow Cicerones! It’s Thursday, and my Pub is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome drinks. Now, let me fix you up something special!

  • Angry Chameleon Cocktail


  • 2 tsp Kool-Aid® Cherry mix
  • 2 oz Bacardi® white rum
  • 6 oz Mountain Dew® citrus soda

Directions: Dissolve kool-aid mixture in rum, add mountain dew, and serve. 

angry chemica

  • Stone Sour Cocktail


  • 1 oz apricot brandy
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz sweet and sour mix

Directions: Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled whiskey sour glass, and serve.


Yokai Wednesdays (Every Other Wednesday)

Konichiwa, everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more fascinating yokai. Now, let’s go on a journey to the “Land of the Rising Sun”!

  • Basho no sei are extremely unsettling creatures of Japanese mythology. They are the spirits of banana trees that grow in Okinawa. They appear to have human faces, and will scare people by appearing behind them. While not initially hostile, women are warned not to walk past them after 6 pm. There have been legends of the yokai attacking and even impregnating women.


  • Hososhi are divine beings of Japanese folklore. They’re depicted as armed, robed priests with powers of purification. It has the face of a 4 eyed oni that punishes evil in every direction.


More Of The Schmidt Pain Index (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow Entomologists! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more scary creatures. Now, let’s start exploring!

  • Velvet Ant (Dasymultila klugii) Size: 0.75 in Habitat: The North American Southwest  Diet: Larvae and adult insects Schmidt Pain Level: 3

The Velvet Ant, or “cow killer”, is a large ground wasp with a hairy, orange body. While not an actual species of ant, its appearance can confuse people. It’s known for delivering an excruciating sting that can last for 30 minutes. Only the females have the stinger, which is quite long and pointy. Coyote Peterson described the pain as radiating and fiery with a tingling sensation.




  • Tarantula Hawk (Pepsis Thisbe) Size: 5 in Diet: Tarantulas Habitat: Worldwide  Schmidt pain index: 4

The Tarantula Hawk is an incredibly scary, parasitic wasp with an amazingly painful sting. They hunt tarantulas, and paralyze them before eating them whole. The pain is equivalent to being shocked with a taser. The females are the only ones that sting, and won’t unless provoked. 


Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to dive into Carlson’s world. Now, let’s get started!

  • Dream Tree by Larry Carlson  archival pigment print on paper

This is an incredible piece by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s an outdoor scene with a beige-colored sky. The tree is gorgeous and multicolored with an aura that looks like it’s split in three. It’s very similar to an optical illusion, and is a feast to the eyes.  Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.



  • Jeezum Crow Crawlies by Larry Carlson pigment print on metallic paper

This is a very unique work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s a fascinating blend of fantastical realism and mind-blowing surrealism. The various orbs placed in the work remind me of opals, and we also get some interesting looking trees. I especially love the strange jellyfish creature that’s positioned on a strange statue. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.


More Bizarre Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Art (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow duelists! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more strange card art. Now, it’s time to duel!

  • Soitsu 4 stars Type: Fairy Attribute: Wind  ATK: 0 DEF: 0 Normal Monster

I never was a big fan of these “paper airplane monsters.” They’re a pain to summon, and they only provide a large attack boost to those in their archetype.  All of these creatures are missing eyes and are completely useless alone. Soitsu is a green colored, nude humanoid with a pronounced butt. He’s also flexing both of his arms. 



  • Tongyo Normal Type: Water/Fish 4 Stars ATK: 1350 DEF: 800

UGH! What the hell is this abomination?! It appears to be some kind of fish with an extra long tongue. It has sharp, blue teeth and eyes that are bulging and crossed. I guess this is what happens when you give a fish cocaine!