All About Music (Sundays)

  • The Beatles’ very popular White Album was first called A Doll’s House. (


  • Spitting some intence fire! According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest rapper is Ricky Brown. He can rap 723 syllables in 41.27 seconds! (


  • The awesome Led Zepplin song, Black Dog, was created because a black Labrador walked into the studio while they were recording. (


  • Fast! Jimi Hendrix wrote  the song, Little Wing,in a lightning fast 145 seconds! (




Manga and Nihongo Paradisu! (Fridays) I’m a huge Otaku and love everything that has to do with anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

  • It isn’t strange to eat rice with every meal, including breakfast. (


  • In Japan, more paper is used for manga than toilet paper! (

manga tp

  • Slurrrp! This one is one of my favorites. When eating ramen, or other noodle dishes in Japan, you must slurp them loudly and as noisily as possible. This is not only a sign that the meal is delicious, but it is considered rude not to! ( Ramen wa daisuki dai yo!


  • Girl Power: Many of the most successful manga artists are female!

inuyasha creator Creator of Inuyasha (Rumiko Takahashi) dgaz Creator of DGray Man (Katsura Hoshino)

  • Sumo Wrestlers eat a hearty stew called Chankonabe to fatten up their bodies. (


  • Karaoke translates to “empty orchestra” in Japanese. (


  • Geishas were originally men! (