Mythical Beasts From Around The World (Wednesdays)

Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday, and I have decided to add more options to the weekly post. Wednesday has usually only focused on mythical creatures of Japan, however I’m going to widen the range to creatures from around the world. This will hopefully give this post more access to that amazing world of mythology. Now, let’s go on a mythical journey of epic proportions!

  • This is about to get creepy! Tiyanak are very disturbing and dangerous creatures of Filipino folklore.  They disguise themselves as newborn babies, and attract innocent people with their crying. ( They don’t reveal their true form until they’re picked up, and when this happens, they attack! (  Many Tiyanak stories depict this creature differently, however the infant disguise and cry are always mentioned. ( Some tales depict the Tiyanak with sharp teeth and claws, while others have angry eyes and wide mouths. (


  • Hairy Beast! Domovoi are very strange creatures of Russian folklore. They’re hairy little creatures that can shape shift into the former owner of the house that they live in. ( They protect the house, and will often leave gifts if treated with respect. (