More Awesome Custom Hearthstone Cards

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome cards. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly “Brawl”!

Netherzim Channeler by Marleon Type: Dual Class Priest/ Warlock Epic Minion Tribe: Demon Appearance: A fearsome demon with a large pair of wings. Mana Cost: 6 Attack: 5 Health: 5 Effect: Lifesteal. After you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to all minions.

This is a very unique card that give the Warlock Class a healing edge in battle.With a full field, you can be netting 14 health every turn, and that is truly incredible. The 5/5 body is also nothing to sneeze at.

Feasting Brain by SimHill Type: Priest Epic Minion Appearance: A brain-like creature with sharp claws. Mana Cost: 3 Attack: 2 Health: 2 Effect: Battlecry: Add all spells your opponent cast last turn to your hand.

This is a very cool card that works like the Plagiarize secret. If you are fighting an opponent with a knack for spells, this could be last resort. It could be meta, but it might be too strong for this class.

More Awesome Custom Hearthstone Cards

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome cards. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly Brawl!

  • Eudora by noob2121 Type: Rogue Legendary Minion Tribe: Pirate Appearance: A fox pirate captain sitting on a huge stack of treasure. Mana Cost: 4 Attack: 3 Health: 2 Effect: Battlecry and Deathrattle: Summon a Pirate from your hand. 

This card has a very simple effect that works wonders in Pirate-themed Rogue Decks. Continuous Pirate summoning is where this card really shines, and I could definitely see this card used in today’s meta.

eudora stuff


  • Metamorphosis by scorpionSaw Type: Warlock Epic Spell Appearance: A demon transforming into something surrounded by dark energy. Mana Cost: 4 Effect: Transform your minions into random Demons.

This is another simple card that you can run in a chaos deck. I love the randomness of this card, and it is something that could completely turn around a game. The Warlock has many powerful Demons in his class, and this could be used as a killing blow.



Asher’s Jukebox Part 167

Highlander (The One) by Lost Horizon from the album “A Flame To The Ground Beneath” 2003: Are you guys ready to headbang?! This is one of the coolest Metal songs I’ve ever heard, and it’s 12 minutes long! It starts with a bird’s call, and then Daniel Heiman’s vocals start up. They’re filled with cosmic passion and intense power. The piece has a great combination of epic guitars and awesome drum beats. The best part of the piece happens near the end, and this is where Daniel’s vocal talents shine. I highly recommend this piece to lovers of Metal and Hard Rock.

Tell me what you think of this piece in the comment’s section below.

Happy Listening 😀 And ROCK ON!!!!!!!!,d.cGc

Asher’s Jukebox Part 110

I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock Of Seagulls from the album “A Flock Of Seagulls” 1982 (info about album from It’s time for an old classic! This piece of music is one of the most unique and catchy songs I’ve ever heard. Although it’s 33 years old, it still sounds awesome even to this day! It starts with an incredibly awesome synthesizer that fills the room with a strange and almost creepy atmosphere. Next, the guitars and drums start to play, and the lyrics start up. What follows next is a fantastic piece with powerful words and a “jaw dropping” guitar solo. I highly recommend this song to everyone, so be sure to tell me what you think about it in the comments section below.

Happy Listening 😀,d.cGU

Fantastic Mythical Beasts (Wednesdays)

  • You thought Dracula was scary! The Sigbin is a downright creepy monster of Filipino mythology. It resembles a reptllian crow, hornless goat, or something similar to the Chupacabra. ( It has 2 short forelegs and long hindlegs. The Sigbin’s head hangs between its forelegs and has two grasshopper-like legs attached to its neck. The Sigbin moves in a strange backward crabwalk and is equipped with a long whip-like tail.( Due to its strange anatomy and long legs, it can leap long distances. The Sigbin finds prey at night and loves the taste of small children. They make amulets out of the children’s hearts. The many tales of the Sigbin seem to originate from the Cebu region of the Philippines. (


  • Probably one of the coolest looking mythical creatures I have ever seen. The Gwyllgi is an incredibly awesome looking beast from Welsh mythology. It is also known by the extremely cool title, “the dog of darkness.” ( These dogs are said to bring dark events to those who see them. They are decpited as creepy, black, and elegant. ( The Gwyllgi will appear on lonely country roads where they scare the crap out of anybody unfortunate enough to be passing by. (


  • Dont’t lose your head! The Okubi is a very strange creature from Japanese mythology. It disturbingly looks like a giant, floating, decapitated head that flies through the sky. ( They are mainly depicted as female and have horrible blackened teeth. ( Although they are not harmful to humans, if they manage to breathe on them, they can cause skin inflammation. ( Excluding what was said above, the Okubi seem to only exist to playfully torment or scare people. (