More Delicious Foods From Around The World

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s time for some more tasty dishes! Now, grab your utensils, and let’s dig in!

  • Fit-fit is a savory dish that comes from Ethiopia. It’s a breakfast food that’s made with meat sauce, clarified butter, and shredded flat bread. There’re many variations to this dish including; Injera Fit-Fit (this adds injera and onions to it), and Kitcha Fit-Fit (this adds kitcha as the bread, and it’s usually served with plain yogurt).



  • Afritada is a Spanish-inspired dish that comes from the Philippines. It’s made with bell peppers (red and green), chicken, tomato sauce, potatoes and carrots. This is an everyday meal, and it’s served on a bed of white rice.


Even More Awesome Stands


Hello fellow Jojo fans! It’s time for us to take a look at some more awesome stands. I hope you guys are ready for truly crazy abilities. Now, let’s strike a pose, and have a great time!

  • Purple Haze Stand User: Pannacotta Fugo (Part 5 Golden Wind) Type: Close-Range Appearance: A humanoid creature with a purple body, stitched lips, diamond patterns, a roman helmet, and transparent visor. First Appearance: Golden Wind Chapter 12  Personality: This stand is emotionally unstable, and will often lash out with violence without a seconds notice. Ability: Killer Infection: The stand houses a deadly flesh-eating virus in the 3 bulbs on each hand. The bulbs break upon impact, and the virus will surround its body. Those infected by the disease will turn into organic goo in 30 seconds. This also rots the person’s body from the inside out. The user isn’t immune to this effect, and must be extremely careful when using it. The range of the virus is shortened when exposed to light.

Purple Haze is an extremely dangerous stand that has only been used once in the series. Due to its incredibly lethal ability, Fugo only uses it as a last resort, and the effects are horrific. 

purple haze.jpg


  • Pearl Jam: Stand User: Tonio Trussardi (Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable) Appearance: A fusion of a pearl onion and a tomato with a small body and sharp teeth. Ability: Curative Cooking: The Italian chef uses this stand to cure all kinds of ailments when incorporated into various meals. First Appeared: Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter 10 Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food. 

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest stands in the entire series. I love anything that has to do with great food, and the episode where this is first introduced still makes me smile to this day. Watch the episode, and you won’t be sorry!

pearl jam

More Awesome TV Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another tropes post. I hope you guys are ready for some awesome knowledge. Now, let’s begin!

  • Random Encounters: A widely used trope in various RPGS. It occurs when the party runs into a random horde of enemies. This can happen with or without warning. Some examples include; Final Fantasy I, the party will run into multiple encounters throughout the game, and some squares are deliberately there for this reason. Next, we have virus encounters from the Megaman Battle Network and Starforce series. Lastly, we have Drakkhen which amps up the encounter rate to absurd levels, with even bosses appearing to kick your ass.

random An example of this in Megaman Battle Network.


  • Bloody Horror: A trope used in nearly every form of media. It’s a genre that usually incorporates visceral things happening to the body. These can include blood shooting out of orifices, bloody bodies, or anything gory. Some examples include; The Arc of The Covenant scene from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. Beams shoot out of the box, melting the Nazis into bloody mush. Next, there’s the bloody elevator from The Shining. Lastly, there’s the 9th man’s fate in the visual novel, 999.

face melt Melting Nazis! My favorite!

More Awesome Cards From Saviors of Uldum

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for the second look at the new expansion. Some absolutely insane cards have been released, and the expansion keeps looking better and better. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly brawl!

  • King Phaoris Type: Legendary Neutral Minion Mana Cost: 10 Appearance: The ancient king of cats. Attack: 5 Health: 5 Effect: Battlecry: For each spell in your hand, summon a random minion of the same cost.

This is a card that I incredibly excited for. I’ve said on multiple occasions that I love the randomness of cards, and this one fits that to a T! The amount of value you can get out of this is ridiculous, and running a spell-heavy deck will get you very far with this card.



  • Siamat Type: Legendary Neutral Minion Tribe: Elemental Mana Cost: 7 Appearance: A powerful and epic genie. Attack: 6 Health: 6 Effect: Battlecry: Gain 2 of Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, or Windfury (your choice).

Another amazing legendary card that has multiple uses. First, you can use it to stall out your opponent by creating a huge wall. Second, you can create an aggressive attacker that can do heavy damage. I can imagine many decks built around this fantastic card.



More Awesome Cards From Rise of Shadows Part 2

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for the second part of my Hearthstone post. All of the cards for Rise of Shadows were released today, so I’m going to give more of my opinions on them. Now, let’s have ourselves a brawl!

  • Safeguard Type: Neutral Minion Tribe: Mech Appearance: A walking safe with huge arms. Mana Cost: 6 Attack: 4 Health: 5 Effect: Taunt: Deathrattle: Summon a 0/5 Vault Safe with Taunt. 

This looks like a very unique minion that could synergize with magnetic creatures. Having a double taunt effect is always a good thing, and the stat line isn’t too bad either. 



  • Mad Summoner Type:  Neutral Rare Minion Tribe: Demon Appearance: A two-headed demon with magical powers. Mana Cost: 6 Attack: 4 Health: 4 Effect: Battlecry: Fill each player’s board with 1/1 imps.

This card is absolutely incredible! Being able to fill the board with weak minions can stop your opponent’s plans in their tracks. I will see if I can create a powerful deck that revolves around this mechanic.

mad summoner

More Awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow Duelists! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more awesome cards. Now, let’s duel!

  • Power of the Guardians Type: Equip Spell Appearance: A sacred area with rainbow rays shining all around it. Effect: If an attack is declared by the equipped monster: Place 1 Spell Counter on this card. The equipped monster gains 500 ATK/DEF for each Spell Counter on this card. If the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle or card effect, you can remove 1 Spell Counter from your field, instead.

This is a very unique card that is a ton of fun to use. Unlike many Spell Counter cards, this one can be equipped to any monster, and the continuous stat increase is always a good thing. Plus, you have a lot of protection against effects if you amass enough counters. 



  • Strong Wind Dragon Type: Dragon/Effect Attribute: Wind Appearance: A very cool looking turquoise dragon with large wings. 6 Stars ATK: 2400 DEF: 1000 Effect: Cannot be destroyed by battle with a monster that has the same ATK. If this card is Tribute Summoned by Tributing a Dragon-Type monster: It gains ATK equal to half the original ATK of the Tributed monster. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing damage to your opponent.

This is a very good 1 Tribute monster with pretty decent stats. It is usually run in a variety of decks that use Dragons. Alone, it is a powerhouse that cannot be taken out by suicide attacks. The awesome attack boost is also quite incredible, leaving this creature a real force to be reckoned with.


More Awesome Custom Hearthstone Cards Part 2

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! I really enjoyed doing the last custom post, so I decided to do part 2. Now, let’s have a brawl!

  • Colossal Infernal by SpazzMaticus Type: Warlock Epic Minion Tribe: Demon Appearance: A gigantic green infernal. Mana Cost: 10 Attack: 10 Health: 10 Effect: Battlecry: Deal 5 damage to all other characters.

The Warlock was always a “high risk-high reward” class, and this card fits that mold to a T! It’s a perfect late game card, and can be used as a board clear. Its massive body can also handle a lot of damage.  Keep watch of your health though, as 5 damage is quite a lot. 



  • Book of Light by ShadowDragonType: Priest Epic Spell Appearance: A flashing book of ancient knowledge. Mana cost: 5 Effect: Add 3 random Priest spells to your hand.

What we have here is a Cabalist’s Tome for Priests. The cost is equivalent to the mage version, and the randomness factor really pleases me. You could get some board clear utility, healing, summoning, or spell damage increasing tools. I’d love to see this card in an upcoming expansion.

book of light.png