More Awesome Jojo Stands


Hello fellow Jojo fans! It’s time for another Jojo post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome Stands. Now, strike a pose, and let’s begin!

Bad Company Stand User: Keicho Nijimura Status: Deceased (Electrocuted by Red Hot Chili Pepper) First Appeared: Diamond is Unbreakable (Part 4) Episode 4 Type: Colony Stand Appearance: A small battalion of 60 Patchwork Soldiers. All of them are armed to the teeth with various weapons of war. Abilities: This Stand is the first Colony Stand in the series. It’s originally seen as group of weak units. However, they become very dangerous when they work together. Militant Firepower: Each of the soldiers are armed with tiny M16s, land mines, and combat knifes. The weapons, although small, can create various small bullet holes in human skin. The land mines have the power to severely injure a person’s legs.

Bad Company was the one of the first antagonists in Diamond is Unbreakable. The design of this Stand, in my opinion, is incredibly cool. It reminds me of what would have happened if the Lilliputians from Gulliver’s Travels were a lot more dangerous. Keicho would’ve been an incredibly staunch ally, but his life unfortunately ended shockingly.

Bad Company | JoJo's Bizarre Wiki | Fandom

White Album Stand User: Ghiaccio Status: Deceased (Impaled through the neck with an iron pole by Gold Experience) Type: Close-Range Stand First Appeared: Golden Wind Episode 18 (Part 5) Appearance: A light colored suit that covers almost all of the user’s body. It also comes equipped with ice skates and an air hole in the back of the neck. Abilities: Cyrokinesis: Ghiaccio can decrease the temperature of any object he touches. He can also solidify the ice into blades or skates. This is especially dangerous to the human body, as vital organs can shatter on impact. The temperature can past -100OC, and gunshots and punches become ineffective. Ice Armor: The Stand can solidify the moisture around it to create an armor of ice. The armor is completely immune to bullets and enhances Ghiaccio’s strength. White Album Gently Weeps: Ghiaccio’s most dangerous ability. He freezes the air around him at -215OC or less. This causes the air to literally freeze solid. This air has the ability to reflect bullets and instantly transfer frozen objects. Weakness: The air hole can be easily penetrated with enough force or accuracy.

Ghiaccio was an extremely deadly and formidable opponent in part 5. His incredibly cool ice abilities nearly killed Guido and made the fight seem almost one sided. He eventually met his end, but the action leading up to it was intensely close.

White Album | JoJo's Bizarre Wiki | Fandom

My Least Favorite Isaac Items

The Binding of Isaac is one of my favorite video games ever made. I posted about this game many times before, but I’ve never gone into detail about the items. Many of the said items can make or break runs, making Isaac insanely powerful, or incredibly weak. Today, I will be going over some of my least favorite items. Now, let’s begin!

Marked # 394 Type: Passive Effect: Allows Isaac to shoot tears automatically directed by a red target on the ground.

I have always despised this item, and never found it useful in any run. I like to have my tears controlled by me, and not automatically. It also is very hard to hit anything with it, and will usually do more harm that good. Avoid this item at all costs.

Marked | Wiki Binding of Isaac | Fandom

Butter Bean #294 Type: Active Effect: Farts on nearby enemies and knocks them back.

This item is infamous for being absolutely terrible. It hard does anything, and is just a waste of a spacebar item. It was so much hated in the community, that Edmund created a new and improved version to give it some playability.

Rad – Asher's Blog Of Random Information

More Crazy Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries


Hello fellow Pokemon fans, and welcome back to my blog! My apologies for the minor hiatus, but I’m back and better than ever! Now, let’s cringe and laugh at these wacky entries!

Corsharrk (The First Mate Pokemon) #259 Water Type Possible Abilities: Torrent (The power of Water-type moves are increased by 50% if the user has 1/3 or less of their maximum HP remaining), Download (Raises stats depending on the lowest current defensive stat), or Mold Breaker (Uses moves regardless of abilities) Appearance: A shark pirate with an eyepatch and multiple scars. Ht: 3’07” Wt: 66.1 lbs Gender Ratio: 87.5 % Male to 12.5% Female Evolves from Gnarrk at Level 17 Base Stats: HP: 70, Attack: 80, Defense: 70, Sp. Atk: 55, Sp. Def: 65, Speed: 65 Base Stat Total: 405 (Extremely balanced stats all around the board) Weak to Electric and Grass

Entry: Corsharrk often travel in large groups on land, robbing stores and stealing from fatigued travelers.


Lizascoop (The Mechanical Pokemon) #302 Ground/Steel Type Appearance: A lizard-like creature that’s fused with a construction vehicle. Possible Abilities: Sheer Force (Boosts moves with additional effects by 30%, but removes those effects), Anger Point (Raises Attack Stat to Max if hit with a critical hit), Battle Armor (Negates critical hits), or Strong Jaw (Boosts the power of biting moves by 50%) Ht: 2’07” Wt: 72.8lbs Gender Ratio: 50/50 Base Stats: HP: 55, Attack: 70, Defense: 70, Sp. Atk: 30, Sp. Def: 40, Speed: 25 Base Stat Total: 290 (Pretty ok stats) Evolves into Reptrill at Level 28 Immune to Electric and Poison and Weak to Fighting, Ground, Fire, and Water

Entry: Lizascoop are frequently used at digging sites. However, they’re uncooperative when they’re bored.


More Fascinating TV Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another Tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome trivia. Now, let’s begin!

  • Creepy Souvenir: This is a very common trope that’s used in many forms of media. It deals with a certain object, usually a body part, that shows the messed up things a character has done. Some examples include; The Medic’s macabre refrigerator from TF2. The psychotic Dr. Ludwig has various beating hearts, and the still living head of a Blu Spy. Next, there’s Mr. Zsasz from the Batman comics. This serial killer etches his body with knife marks to indicate how many lives he’s taken. Lastly, there’s The Predator from the series of the same name. This heavily skilled hunter collects the skulls of his victims.



  • Brutal Bonus Level: This is a trope that’s commonly used in video games. It deals with hidden levels that are known for their extreme difficulty. Some examples include; The True Arena from the various Kirby games. This is a boss rush gauntlet with few healing items. Each boss is significantly harder, and has a whole plethora of new attacks. Next, there’s Yoku Man’s stage from Mega Man Unlimited. This stage is heavily filled with those goddamn disappearing and reappearing blocks. It will drive you absolutely crazy. Lastly, there’s The Void from The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +. This final stage has some of the hardest enemies in the entire game. Then, we get to the final boss, Delirium, and you better put your best skills to the test! He has the most health of any boss in the game, and can replicate each of their attack patterns to ridiculous effects.


More Fascinating Yokai

Konbanwa everyone! It’s time for another yokai post. I hope you guys are ready for some incredible creatures. Now, let’s go on a journey to the “Land of the Rising Sun”!

  • Shitanaga uba are extremely dangerous creatures of Japanese folklore. They resemble elderly women with ridiculously long tongues. They live deep within the mountains, and can be very vicious. They prey on lost travelers, and will suck out their blood with their enormous tongues.



  • Biron are immensely bizarre creatures of Japanese mythology. They’re depicted as ghost-like beings with elongated bodies, protruded teeth, long tails, and drooping features. They like to scare people, but can be easily dealt with by throwing salt.


Amazingly Crappy Book Covers

Hello fellow book lovers! It’s time for another book covers post. I hope you guys are ready to cringe with laughter as we take a look at some amazing “works of art”. Now, let’s begin!

  • Maximum Revenge by Jose A. Toro Released: March 17th, 2016 Genres: Fiction, Crime Thriller, and Suspense. Short Summary: A scientist goes made with power after creating an ultra deadly virus.

I really like the premise of this book because of my love of medical dramas. Unfortunately, it fails completely in the art department. The cover depicts a very blurry scientist without a face. Also, because of chemistry, there’s a poor j.peg of a beaker in the left hand side. It could be so much better with just a little more time!



  • The Majestic Committee by Gerald Goble Released: August 6th, 2016 Genres: Science Fiction, Fiction Short Summary: An army major is sent to work for a secret committee that is researching an unknown aircraft.

Another fascinating concept for a story that’s completely ruined by the horrible excuse for a cover. It’s like they don’t even try anymore! The cover depicts some absolutely pathetic pictures on a blue background. It’s really hard to tell what any of these images are, and if this was released again, I’d hire a better artist!

More Awesome TV Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another TV Tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome references. Now, let’s begin!

  • Magikarp Power: A fun trope that’s used in many forms of media. It refers to a seemingly weak character or item that gains phenomenal power upon leveling up or evolving. Some examples include; The titular trope namer, Magikarp. This is the weakest Pokemon in terms of stats, but it evolves into a giant leviathan-like creature with tremendous strength. Next, there’s the “Void Item” from The Binding of Isaac. It starts out as a useless active item, however, it can absorb other items to become an immensely powerful resource. Lastly, we have Frothing Berserker from Hearthstone. It starts out as a semi-weak 2/4 minion, but every time it takes damage, it grows in power.



  • Handicapped Badass: Another extremely common trope that’s used in many forms of media. It represents a disabled person who does incredible things, and doesn’t let their faults get in the way. Some examples include; Johnny from part 7 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. This main character is paralyzed from the waist down, but participates in a world-wide horserace, and kicks serious ass. Next, there’s  Red Haired Shanks from One Piece. This pirate captain lost his right arm to a sea monster in the first episode. Surprisingly, this doesn’t weaken his swordsmanship in any way, and he still is one of the most powerful characters in the show. Lastly, there’s Professor X from the X Men. While he might be bound to a wheelchair, his telepathic powers are some of the strongest in the world.

johnny joestar.jpgJohnny Joestar handicapped, jockey, and certified badass.

Awesome Stands In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Hello fellow viewers, and welcome to a brand new topic. I just recently finished all 8 parts of the manga, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and it was a hell of a ride. Araki Hirohiko’s magnificent story and characters grab the viewer from the very beginning and take them for a wild ride. One of the most prominent things in the series is introduced in part 3, The Stardust Crusaders. We learn about Stands (Physical manifestations of one’s life-force that only people with other Stands can see. They are all uniquely shaped, and have a massive variety of powers. They can be acquired by natural means, or may be given to someone via a special arrow or corpse. Some can be controlled automatically, while others can be controlled manually. Many are named after famous bands due to Araki’s love of American music. Since they are a manifestation of one’s life-force, any damage dealt to the form, will also hurt the user. If the user dies, the Stand usually disappears along with them. Now, with the explanation out of the way, let’s begin!

  • Metallica Stand User: Risotto Nero (Part 5 Vento Aureo) Close Range and Colony Appearance: Small metal creatures with stitches and looks of horror. Abilities: Invisibility (They live in Risotto’s bloodstream, and they use particles  to help him blend into the background). Metal Manipulation (This highly dangerous ability allows Risotto to manipulate iron in the atmosphere from the air and ground with a range of up to 5 to 10 meters. It can repair his organs by stitching them up. He can also use the iron in other people’s blood as well. If this is the case, he will usually transform the iron into sharp objects, like razor blades or nails, to effectively rip the person’s body from the inside out.  In conclusion, this is one devastatingly crazy ability that shows the ferocity of La Squadra Esecuzioni’s leader.

doppio.jpg(The horrifying effects of Metallica.)


  • Beach Boy Stand User: Pesci (Part 5 Vento Aureo) Appearance: A silver fishing rod with an unsettling skull on the reel. Type: Close-range Abilities: Hook and Sink (The main purpose of this Stand is to phase its line through anything, human or otherwise. When the target is ensnared, the user will reel it in, like a fisherman. The hook can rip a person’s body apart if it snags an important organ). Damage Reflection (Anyone attacking the string of the rod will have the attack reflected at them. The string is essentially invulnerable to being destroyed by conventional means). Extreme Line Sensibility (The line transfers all of the information that the user needs to take town its opponent). Conclusion: This is a very cool Stand that Pesci uses to awesome effect.

beach boyz

More Crappy Book Covers

Hello fellow Book Lovers! It’s time for some more crappy covers. I hope you guys are ready to cringe and laugh! Now, let’s begin!

  • Griddle Creek: Fool’s Gold (Book 2) by M. Malenga Released: October 12th, 2017 Genres: Children’s Humor, Comic Book Pages: 32 Quick Summary: A typical museum heist story with quirky humor. 

I know this is supposed to be a kid’s book, but this art is completely unacceptable! It  seems like the artist just searched on Google Images for a picture of a diamond, and placed it on a black and grey background. If you are going to create a comic book, at least make the front cover appealing.



  • Facemate by Steven M. Greenberg Released: July 10th, 2019 Genre: Fiction Quick Summary: An Autistic boy discovers a futuristic dating site, and acquires unimaginable power. 386 pages 

What we have here is missed potential. The plot of this book seems really neat, and is definitely a unique concept. Unfortunately, the front cover makes it fall flat on its face. What we have is 4 “people” that are 3D nightmares. The graphics are extremely unsettling, and seem to delve into the “Uncanny Valley”.

face mate.jpg

More Awesome Tv Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some amazing facts. Now, let’s begin!

  • Serial Killer: A dark, but morbidly fascinating trope that’s used in multiple forms of media. It depicts a character, possibly mentally unstable, who kills multiple people. Some examples (not using depictions of real life examples), include; Lucy from the ultra-violent manga and anime, Elfen Lied. She is completely malicious, and slaughters multiple people with her demonic powers. Next, there’s Mr. Zsasz from the Batman Series. He’s one of the more psychopathic prisoners of Arkham Asylum. His body is covered in scars, which represent the amount of people he has killed. Lastly, there’s Dexter from the show of the same name. He’s a unique case, in that he only kills Serial Killers.

elfen.jpgLucy: Cute but extremely dangerous.


  • Up To Eleven: An incredibly common trope that occurs in many forms of media. It happens when some type of event or tragedy increases power or effect. Some examples include; Most of the cast of the manga/anime series, Eyeshield 21. This is an amazing football series that insanely increases stereotypical bullies and jocks into super humans. Next, we have the Ludicrous Speed dial from Spaceballs. Lastly, there’s the Are you Nuts?! speed on Jimmy Neutron’s Jetpack.