Asher’s Jukebox Part 102

Ora wa Rockman ZX! (Mega Man ZX: Area C-City) by Helicopter Knife Fight from the album “For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man” 2013 Are you guys ready for a very catchy and awesome Rock instrumental? I sure hope so! This song is part of OverClocked Remix’s amazing tribute to Mega Man music. It’s once of my favorite from the album, and I really hope that you guys will enjoy this one as much as I do. It starts with pulsing Electronic beat, and then it transforms into an epic Rock piece accompanied with sweet guitar riffs and very cool drum beat. It’s literal candy for the ears, and I highly recommend this piece to anyone. Tell me what you think about this piece in the comments section below.

Happy Listening:D

There isn’t a youtube link for this song, but I’ll be posting the soundcloud link instead.,d.b2w