Hall of Shame (The Strangest Comic Book Characters) (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel Encyclopedias and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more strange characters. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Fader Real Name: Unknown Status: Member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard Creator: Marvel First Appeared: New X-Men #124 (2002) Powers: Spazzgun, Light refraction that renders him invisible to the naked eye, Poor marksman

Fader is an alien, and part of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. He’s quite tiny, standing a little bit over 3 feet tall. His powers of invisibility have one single flaw in that it doesn’t mask his sent.  He was sent by the Imperial Guard to invade the Xavier Mansion. Unfortunately, he was easily dealt with by the animalistic Beast. 


  • Infectious Lass Real Name: Drura Sehpt Status: Hero Creator: DC First Appeared: Superboy #201 (1974) Powers: Disease Immunity, Easily Spreads Diseases

Infectious Lass was an alien from the planet Somahtur, a place where people housed thousands of parasites in their bodies. They are completely immune to these creatures, and can easily infect others. When traveling to Earth, Drura tried to join the Legion of Superheroes. She was rejected due to her inability to control the infections. She eventually joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes, where her powers backfired again, and she changed Color Kid’s gender. After many years of training, Drura finally was able to fully control her abilities. She married fellow Legionnaire, Invisible Kid II.


Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel Encyclopedias, Jon Morris’ The League Of Regrettable Supervillains, and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more strange characters. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Fisherman Real Name: Unknown Status: Villain First Appeared: Aquaman Vol. 1 #21 May-June 1965 DC  Powers/ Weapons: Wields titanium rod and gas-bomb lures; hood boosts strength and allows breathing underwater.

Fisherman is a longtime foe of the superhero, Aquaman. He uses a fishing rod to trap his enemies, and then slices them up with a razor-sharp hook. His identity remains a mystery, however he seems to like carrying out seabourne thefts. He was killed by the police in Gotham City. The villain’s hood turned out to be an alien parasite that controlled its human host, and gave it powers.


  • Sack Real Name: Unknown First Appeared: The Uncanny X-Men #323 August 1995 Creator: Marvel Powers/Abilities: Nearly Invulnerable Ectoplasmic Body, Body Possession

Sack was a member of the underground team, the Morlocks. He was made a member of the X-Men by Cyclops, however died tragically by Nimrod.



Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel Encyclopedias, and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some strange characters. Now, let’s begin!

  •  Calendar Man  Real Name: Julian Day Status: Villain First Appeared: Detective Comics #1 (DC) Powers: Hardened Street Fighter

 Julian was abandoned by his father at a young age. This horrific event led the emotionally damaged boy to become obsessed with days of the year. As an adult, Day grew more deranged, and committed many murders. He was eventually caught by Batman, and now resides at the Arkham Asylum.


  • Joker’s Daughter Real Name: Duela Dent Status: Villain First Appeared: Batman Family #6 Powers: Insanity and viscousness give her an edge in combat.

Duela was a disturbed teenager that was fascinated by the ugly and twisted. She started to scar her own face and began to go on a crime spree like the “Clown Prince Of Crime”. She became a member of the Suicide Squad, but left after fighting with Harley Quinn.


Random Sundays

Info Found In Various Pokedexes

Hello everyone, and welcome to another dose of randomness! This week, I will be covering some new pokedex entries. The world of Pokemon is a lot darker that one might think, and seems to push the boundaries of the “E” rated franchise. Be warned, some of these entries are very disturbing, so read at your own risk!

  • *Snap* Bewear Pokemon Moon Pokedex Entry: This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines have been squashed by its hug. O_O The hug was too much to bear!


  • Coral Killer! Toxapex Pokemon Sun Pokedex Entry: Toxapex crawls along the ocean floor on its 12 legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits scattered in its wake. (Circle of life?!)


Special Christmas Post!

Drinks found on Allrecipes.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Christmas post. I have decided to list two fascinating Christmas cocktails. I will be taking Christmas off, so this will be the last post until the next week. So, have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll see you guys next Friday.

  • Peppermint Martini


  • 5 fl oz vanilla-flavored vodka
  • 2 fl oz white creme de menthe
  • 1/2 fl oz peppermint schnapps

Directions: Fill a cocktail shake with ice. Pour vodka, creme de menthe, and peppermint schnapps over the ice. Cover cocktail shaker and shake; strain into a martini glass. 


  • Christmas Cosmo


  • 2 fl oz vodka
  • 1 fl oz cranberry juice
  • 1 fl oz triple sec
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 2 cranberries

Directions: Fill a cocktail shaker with ice; add vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice. Cover and shake. Strain cocktail into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and cranberries.


Strange Music Genres (Every Other Thursday)

Info about music genres found on various internet websites

Hello fellow music lovers! It’s Thursday, and I’ve decided to create a brand new topic. The creation of Music has brought on many fantastic genres and bands. This post will be focused on finding some rare, strange, and outrageous types of music. Now, grab your headphones, and let’s jam!

  • Lowercase Music: Lowercase Music was invented by Steve Roden in the early 90s. It’s created by amplifying the usually unheard sounds of world to an extreme level. This can be anything from ants running up a hill, to helium balloons hitting a ceiling. Roden’s first CD, Forms Of Paper, was recorded in The Los Angeles Public Library. In the CD, Roden handles paper in various ways. A rare expanded version of the CD was released, and only 500 copies are known to exist. The video below is of the before mention piece. Tell me what you think of it in the comments’ section below.




  • Synthwave: Synthwave is an awesome genre of music that originated in the mid 2000s. It was heavily inspired by 1980s movie soundtracks, as well as new wave. The style is mainly instrumental with synthesizers, electronic drums, and gated reverb. Pieces of this genre can be found in the film, Drive, the TV show, Stranger Things, and the video game, Hotline Miami. French musician, Perturbator is one of my favorite synthwave artists, and his work in Hotline Miami helped spread this genre to a wider audience. Listed below is my favorite Perturbator track, Technoir.



Save The World? I think not! (Strangest Comic Book Characters) (Every other Tuesday)

Info found in various Marvel and DC encyclopedias, comicvine.gamespot.com, and Jon Morris’ book, The League of Regrettable Heroes

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to dive into the strange side of comic books. Now, get ready to facepalm as we look at this week’s flunkies.

  • Gordon Thomas (Typeface) Status: Vigilante Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Peter Parker: Spider-Man #23 (2001) Powers/ Weapons: Razor-sharp throwing letters, Explosive letter bombs, Board-game letter tiles filled with sleeping gas.

Gordon Thomas was a mentally unstable war veteran that felt rejected after returning from war. He then got fired from his signsmith job due to corporate downsizing. Wanting revenge, Gordon transformed into the letter-obsessed vigilante known as Typeface. Unfortunately, his reign of terror didn’t last long, and he was crushed to death by Venom.

This is the face of taking obsession too far!


  • Buck Mitty (Humbug) Status: Villain Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986) Powers: Projection of sonic blasts via amplified insect noises. 

Buck Mitty was a senior entomology professor at Empire State University. He found out a way to harness the power of insect noises . While the description of said power seems awesome, Mitty couldn’t seem to win battles with it. Buck became a huge pain on campus, and this eventually led a coworker to higher the “Merc With A Mouth”, Deadpool, to take care of him. Humbug meets his apparent end when Deadpool douses him with honey and sets a swarm of fire ants on him.