Censored Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Hello fellow Duelists, and welcome to a special post! Censorship in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game has been a huge thing in North America. Many cards are changed completely from the original Japanese art. Some of them are understandable, while others leave me shaking my head. This post will be covering some of my favorite cards that Konami of America decided to censor.

  • Fiend Comedian Type: Normal Trap Current Artwork: A cute, comical duo of a green fiend and his yellow toothed assistant. 

This card barely saw play when it was released, however it’s used quite frequently in today’s meta. It has many synergies with mill decks, and the large card removal is more useful than people give it credit for. This, however, isn’t the original artwork, and the changes made were completely necessary. The original card looked like something straight out of a Japanese Horror film! The green fiend is now covered in throbbing veins, and has a very long tongue. The pink fiend, on the other hand, is completely screwed up! He has bulging eyes, is licking a large blade, and for some reason, has an afro. 


  • Parasite Paracide Type: Insect Earth Effect Appearance: A fearsome looking parasite with many tentacles and sharp fangs.

This card is not only one of the more annoying things in the game, but is also one of Insector Haga’s (Weevil Underwood’s) key cards. No other card can shuffle itself into the opponent’s deck, and literally “infect” its monsters. I do enjoy the international artwork of the card, but the Japanese original is a brilliant homage to body horror. It depicts an absolutely horrified knight with the titular card crawling out of his face. This is totally something that John Carpenter would make, and I love it for that.

parasite paraside.png



Yokai Wednesdays (Every Other Wednesday)

Konichiwa everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more fascinating yokai. Now, let’s go on a journey to the “Land of the Rising Sun”!

  • Kudagitsune are adorable little creatures of Japanese folklore. They’re depicted as tiny foxes with strong magical powers. They can be found hanging around fortune tellers and sorcerers. Their name translates to Pipe Fox, and they can squeeze into small places. Usually docile, these creatures will only come into human contact when used as a magical familiar.


  • Furi are ultra fast creatures of Japanese mythology. They’re depicted as wild beasts with many different animal attributes. Despite their strange appearance, it’s hard to believe that they are actually Tanuki. They have incredible agility, and can leap from mountain to mountain in a single bound.


More Incredible Banned Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow Duelists! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more banned cards. Now, Let’s Duel!

  • Number 16: Shock Master Type: Fairy/XYZ/Effect Attribute: Light Rank: 4 Appearance: An awesome pink machine with electricity shooting out of each side. ATK/ 2300 DEF/ 1600 Effect: Requires 3 Level 4 monsters: Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to declare 1 card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap); that type of card (if Spell or Trap) cannot be activated, or (if Monster) cannot activate its effects, until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

This card is literally your opponent’s worst nightmare. With the amount of cards out today that modulate your monster’s levels, summoning this thing is very easy. Its effect literally gives you a free Jinzo, Horus, or Skill drain for 1 to 2 turns, and you can use that time to build up your field for a win. I honestly would find it extremely difficult to remove this card from the Banlist anytime soon.


  • Makyura The Destructor Type: Warrior/Effect Attribute: Dark Appearance: A vicious-looking millennium warrior with a purple body and 2 ultra sharp clawed hands. ATK/ 1600 DEF/ 1200 Effect: During the turn this card was sent to the Graveyard, you can activate Trap Cards from your hand.

This is one of the oldest cards on the Banlist, and I doubt that it will ever be playable. The ability to activate Trap Cards from your hand can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor. It also doesn’t specify how it needs to be sent to the Graveyard, so you could easily use a card like Cost Down to use its effect on your turn. 


Yokai Wednesdays (Every Other Wednesday)

Konichiwa, everyone! I’m finally back from my Christmas break, and am ready to make content once again! Let’s start up the new season with one of my favorite posts. Now, let’s go on a journey to “The Land of the Rising Sun”!

  • Fukuro muijina are mischievous creatures of Japanese mythology. They are badgers that can resemble an ancient noblewoman with a giant sack on their over their shoulder. They like to dress up as people, and some stories say that the yokai itself is just the haunted sack.



  • Hossumori are incredible fascinating creatures of Japanese folklore. They’re depicted as the animated wand-like brushes held by Buddhist Priests. The brush erases all general distractions from the priest such as; flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying insects.


Yokai Wednesdays

Konbanwa, everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more fascinating yokai. Now, let’s go on a journey to the “Land of the Rising Sun”!

  • Nikusui are extremely dangerous creatures of Japanese mythology. They’re depicted as beautiful women about 18-20 years old. This is just a disguise, however, as they’re vampires that stalk people at night. Upon catching a victim, the yokai will bite it and suck the meat off its bones, leaving only skin and bones behind.



  • Bake icho no sei are very strange creatures of Japanese folklore. They’re the spirits of ginkgo trees, and seem to have an unknown purpose. They have tall, yellow bodies, carry small gongs, and have tattered black kimonos.

bake no

More Awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow Duelists! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more awesome cards. Now, let’s Duel!

  • Apoqliphort Towers Type: Machine/Effect Attribute: Earth 10 Stars ATK/ 3000 DEF/ 2600 Appearance: A very cool looking giant mech with two large shields. Effect: Cannot be Special Summoned. Requires 3 “Qli” Tributes to Normal Summon/Set, it is unaffected by Spells/Trap effects and by activated effects from any monster whose original Level/Rank is lower than this card’s current level. All Special Summoned monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF. Once per turn: You can make your opponent send 1 monster from their hand or their side of the field to the Graveyard (their choice).

This insanely powerful monster was banned for a long time, and just recently is seeing play again. Not only does this card have extremely good stats, but is completely immune to anything that isn’t level 10 or higher. It can easily win you the game if played on turn one, and is still considered to be one of the most difficult cards to remove from the field.



  • Night Beam Type: Normal Spell Appearance: A transparent laser beam hitting a card with crosshairs. Effect: Target 1 Set Spell/Trap your opponent controls; destroy that target. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card  in response to this card’s activation.

Although this is a normal Spell, its effect can be completely drastic to your opponent. The ability to destroy a Set card without worrying about negation is quite strong in today’s meta, and I suggest running 3 of these in your deck. The satisfaction of destroying part of your opponent’s plan is always a good feeling. 



Extremely Powerful Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Every Other Friday)

Hello fellow Duelists! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more awesome cards. Now, let’s Duel!

  • Gravity Blaster Type: Equip Spell Appearance: A very cool and futuristic gun that’s firing a miniature sun. Effect: Equip only to a Machine-Type monster. Once per turn: You can activate this effect: it permanent gains 400 ATK. (This ATK gain remains even if this card leaves the field or the monster becomes unaffected by card effects.) If it battles an opponent’s monster, that monster’s effect is negated during the Battle Phase only.

This card is a Morphtronic player’s wet dream! Not only does it permanently increase a monster’s attack, but it has built in effect negation. If you can keep that monster alive, it will become an absolute powerhouse, and nearly indestructible. If you run any type of Machine deck, add 3 copies of this, and you won’t be sorry.



  • Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora Type: XYZ/Machine/Effect Attribute: Earth Rank 10 ATK/ 3200 DEF/ 4000 Appearance: An ultra cool train with futuristic weaponry. Effect: Requires 2 Level 10 Monsters. Once per turn, during either player’s turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster on the field; that target is unaffected by card effects, except for its own effects, until the end of this turn. 

Well, Rank 10 Yu-Gi-Oh (Rata) has discussed the usefulness of this card many times before, so I want to do it justice. Running a “Trains” themed deck is extremely fun to do and can combo with many other Archetypes. This specific card is considered to be the “Boss Monster” of Train decks. It has more than 3K attack, so it can body Blue Eyes, and the turn immunity effect is absolutely fantastic. The only problem is that Kaijus completely break Trains.

number 81