More Awesome Tv Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some amazing facts. Now, let’s begin!

  • Serial Killer: A dark, but morbidly fascinating trope that’s used in multiple forms of media. It depicts a character, possibly mentally unstable, who kills multiple people. Some examples (not using depictions of real life examples), include; Lucy from the ultra-violent manga and anime, Elfen Lied. She is completely malicious, and slaughters multiple people with her demonic powers. Next, there’s Mr. Zsasz from the Batman Series. He’s one of the more psychopathic prisoners of Arkham Asylum. His body is covered in scars, which represent the amount of people he has killed. Lastly, there’s Dexter from the show of the same name. He’s a unique case, in that he only kills Serial Killers.

elfen.jpgLucy: Cute but extremely dangerous.


  • Up To Eleven: An incredibly common trope that occurs in many forms of media. It happens when some type of event or tragedy increases power or effect. Some examples include; Most of the cast of the manga/anime series, Eyeshield 21. This is an amazing football series that insanely increases stereotypical bullies and jocks into super humans. Next, we have the Ludicrous Speed dial from Spaceballs. Lastly, there’s the Are you Nuts?! speed on Jimmy Neutron’s Jetpack.


Awesome Places From Atlas Obscura (Every Other Wednesday)

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new topic! Atlas Obscura is one of my favorite books of all time, and it’s chalk full of wacky and wild landmarks from around the world.  I’ve decide to share some of my favorites with you guys. I hope you enjoy it, so, let’s begin!

  • The Poison Garden Location: Alnwick, Northumberland Description: This dangerously gorgeous garden is home to some of the most lethal plants on the face of the Earth. The place is decorated with Skulls and Crossbones that worn THESE PLANTS CAN KILL! I have always wanted to visit this place because I’m a real fan of these plants. The garden is open from March to December.

the posion


  • The Jellyfish Lake Location: The Island of Palau Description: This small saltwater lake houses about a million jellyfish that bob up and down, feeding on plankton. The jellyfish don’t sting, and they make the entire lake gorgeous and mesmerizing.


More Fascinating Mythical Creatures From Around The World

Hello fellow mythology lovers! It’s time for us to take a look at some more fascinating mythical creatures. I hope you guys are ready for some truly insane creations. Now, let’s begin!

  • Bubak: The Bubak is a fearsome creature of Czech mythology. It’s depicted as a scarecrow with a skeletal body and unsettling face. It essentially is the Bogeyman of Czechoslovakia. The Bubak has a cry that sounds like an innocent baby, and it uses this to lure in victims. It is said that it travels between the world of the dead and living in a cart pulled by black cats. 



  • Peluda: The Peluda is extremely dangerous creature of French folklore. The beast has the head and tail of a snake, feet of a tortoise and the quills of a porcupine. The Peluda is said to have attacked La Ferte-Bernard during the medieval times. Its breath is highly corrosive, and can wither crops easily. It can also fire its quills like arrows, and is nearly invincible. Its only supposed weak point is its tail and parts of its neck.


My Homage To Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. This incredible series of books are one of my main inspirations for starting a blog in the first place. I was always extremely happy upon buying one of these books. They are magnificent tomes that hold crazy, wonderful, and at times, ridiculous facts. I highly recommend picking up one of these books ASAP, as it will have you entertained for hours. This post will be covering some of my favorite facts from the series as a sign of respect for the Bathroom Readers’ Institute. I am going to divide each set of facts into the main article in which they are featured. Now, as Uncle John always says, “Go with the flow”!

  • My First Job: This page covered the first jobs of famous celebrities. The article is featured on page 43 of Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader from 2007.  My favorite facts included; “Steve McQueen was a towel boy in a brothel.”, “Chris Rock was a busboy at Red Lobster.”, and “Walt Disney mashed apples in a jelly factory.”


  •  Not For Export: This page displayed many foreign products whose names were    lost in translation. The article is featured on page 99 of Uncle John’s Biggest Ever Bathroom Reader from 2002. The products included; “Ass Glue” a Chinese patent, “Homo Sausage” a Japanese beef jerky, and “Shitto” a spicy pepper sauce from Ghana. 


  • Games & Gambling: An article all about the crazy world of gambling and games in general. The article is found on page seven of Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Extraordinary Book Of Facts And Bizarre Information from 2006. The crazy facts included; “There are 635,013,559,599 possible hands in the game of bridge.” “If you add up all the numbers of the roulette wheel (1 to 36), the sum is 666.”, and “One in four compulsive gamblers is a woman.”


  • I’m Gonna Wallace! & Cockney Slang: These are very interesting articles about Cockney slang terms. Cockney Slang is found on pages 129-130, while I’m Gonna Wallace is found on page 424 of Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader from 2007. Some fascinating slang terms include; “Mutt and Jeff”, which means “Deaf.” “Trouble and strife”, which translates to “wife.” “Loaf”, which means “head”, and can also be said as “Loaf of Bread.” “Wallace”, means “to barf”, and is short for “Wallace and Grommit.” Lastly, for some reason, “Tom Cruise”, means “booze.”


  • Flubbed Headlines: This is a list of outrageous, but true newspaper headlines. Flubbed Headlines is found on page 34 of Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader from 2007. Some of the wacky headlines include; “Woman Improving After Fatal Crash.” “TV ads boost eating of obese children by 130%.” “Dr. Fuchs off to the Antarctic.” Then, the most punny entry, “Suicide squirrels driving utilities nuts.”     


Strange Animals and Plants (Saturdays) With Help From Michael Largo’s Big Bad Book of Botany and Big Bad Book of Beasts as well as other sources.

I have alway been interested in the many different plants and animals that live in our world. Each Saturday, I’m doing a list of some of the many plants and animals that you should watch out for. If you are ready to dive into the world of the strange and bizarre, then follow me on a journey into the unknown. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to share your opinions in the comment section below.

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)(Michael Largo’s Big Bad Book of Botany pg.172): The Hydrilla is a large plant that grows underwater. (Big Bad Book of Botany pg. 172) It has a lot of different uses and can act as a shield for many aquatic creatures. (Big Bad Book of Botany pg.174) It also can be used as a health supplement, because it contains “vitamin B12, calcium, protein, and minerals, and is said to be good for the immune system, healthy skin, and weight loss.” (Big Bad Book of Botany pg. 174) The Hydrilla comes in 2 different types that both have “male and female flowers.” (Big Bad Book of Botany pg.172) Despite it having many good uses, it also can be a major problem in some places. ( Since the Hydrilla grows so fast, it can become incredibly thick, and this can make it “impossible to swim, fish, or operate a boat through it”. (


  • Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis): ( The Portuguese man o’ war is one beautiful and deadly creature of the sea. While it looks like a jellyfish, it actually is considered to be a siphonophore: “a colony of zooids that form one large organism.”( The Man o’ war is made up of 3 types of polyps and a sail or “gas- filled air sack.”  ( Its sail is blue in color and can grow up to “30 cm long.” ( The 3 polyps  are called “gastrozooid (feeding),gonozooid (reproduction), and dactylozooid (defence).”( It has a deadly set of tentacles that can grow up to a staggering 50 m long! (   The tentacles are filled with venom that can easily kill small shrimp and fish. ( They are said to cause “10,000 stings in Australia each summer!” ( The sting causes immense pain and can lead to death in very rare cases. ( So be careful when every you swim in the ocean!


All About The Arts (Mondays)

  • Edgar Degas had an obsession with ballet dancers and loved to use them in his works. He is said to have created 1,500 depictions of them in his lifetime. The artworks ranged from drawings to paintings. (


  • Too Real? Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture, “The Age of Bronze”, was met with shock and horror when it was displayed. The sculpture looked so life-like that many people thought that there was a deceased person inside the cast! (


  • Thief! Pablo Picasso’s works have been stolen more times than any other painter in history! (