Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel encyclopedias, and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more ridiculous characters. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Black Talon Real Name: Samuel David Barone Status: Villain First Appeared: Avengers #152 (October 1976) Creator: Marvel Powers/Weapons: Limited necromancy, metal talons on boots and gloves

Samuel was a powerful voodoo priest with a legion of zombies at his command. He donned a chicken head crest and worked for the villainous Grim Reaper. He tried to  attack New York City with his zombies, but was stopped and shot to death by The Punisher. (While his powers are pretty strong, his overall design is just hilarious!)

 black talon

  • Mirage Real Name: Desmond Charne Status: Villain Creator Marvel First Appeared: Amazing Spider-Man #156 (1976) Powers/Weapons: Creation of illusionary self-duplicates

Desmond was a hologram technician that decided to become a villain. He created a power suit that granted him hologram manipulation. He started his criminal career by robbing from weddings and other society events. One of these weddings was being photographed by Peter Parker. He stopped Mirage by dropping a chandelier on his head. After many failed crime sprees, Desmond was shot to death by the Scourge of the Underworld. 



More Crappy Video Game Cover Art (Every Other Tuesday)


Art found on various websites

Hello fellow gamers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to cringe profusely at some horrible video game cover art. Now, lets begin this adventure into the detritus of the video game world!

  • Fester’s Quest for the NES (1989) Genre: Adventure/Run and Gun

If you have been watching the Angry Video Game Nerd for as long as I have, you have probably seen his review for this game. According to James Rolfe; “This game is ass”! It’s a run and gun adventure game that stars Uncle Fester from the Addam’s Family. Unfortunately, the cover doesn’t do anything to ease the pain! It depicts the titular Fester as a bald, Curly Howard-looking, buffoon with incredibly red lips. He almost gives off the vibe of a pedophile with the strange sneer. There’s also a single spider hanging down from his head. If I can give the artwork any praise, I’d say that the mansion in the distance actually looks pretty good. The piece all together just rubs me the wrong way, and I don’t know if the creator was aiming for this or not. Tell me what you think of this “masterpiece” in the comments’ section below.



  • Bust-A-Move Arcade 2 Edition for the Playstation (1995) Genre: Puzzle

I have already discussed one of the crazy covers before in an earlier post, but this one is just Fucked Up! As I said before, Bust-A-Move is an incredibly addicting puzzle game starring the dragons Bub and Bob of Bubble Bobble fame. The game had very cute graphics and exhilarating gameplay. Then we get to the cover, and all I can say is, WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!!! We have an image that wouldn’t look out of place in a Clockwork Orange! The cover has various bubbles with screaming faces inside. Their eyes are pried open with toothpicks, and they appear to be in great distress. I especially “adore” the tagline; “SO ADDICTIVE…IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL”! It’s crazy, because this is a rated “E” game! I’m going to show the cover, but be warned, it’s really unsettling! Tell me what you think of it in the comments’ section below.

bust a move   

The Worst Video Game Cover Art (Every Other Wednesday)


Art found on various websites

Hello fellow gamers! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to cringe as we look at some more horrible art. Now, let the cringefest begin!

  •  The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja for the Super Nintendo (1991)

This was a great action-adventure game starring Goemon. The music and Japanese art style is wonderful to look at. Unfortunately, this can’t be said about the cover art! This cover seems pretty racist towards Japanese people, and is in extremely poor taste. Goemon’s blue hair is depicted as black, and his eyes are slanted. Then we get to his slanted, caterpillar-like eyebrows and our fury starts to rise. He’s riding a tiger that looks completely out of place in the game, and he’s being attack by a screwed up amalgamation of characters. These include; fireballs with crossed out eyes, a samurai with duck lips, a crazed monkey, and a demonic baby’s ring toy. The artist must have been hitting the Meth pretty hard to come up with this racist pile of goat shit!



  • Freestyle Metal X for the Playstation 2 

This was a dirt-bike racing game with an awesome Metal soundtrack. Unfortunately the covers of the game were the stuff of nightmares! The Playstation 2 cover features a screaming biker with an abnormally large mouth. It’s so big, that multiple versions of itself are placed inside it. This creates a bizarre, yet awesome tunnel. I can’t really tell if I like or dislike the cover, but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s going to be in your nightmares for the next few weeks!


More Hilariously Bad Video Game Cover Art (Every Other Wednesday)

Covers found on various websites

Hello fellow gamers! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to laugh and cringe at some more terrible game covers. Now, let’s begin! Be warned! Strong Profanity Ahead!

  • Megaman (1987): The original Megaman, the game that got me into this incredible franchise. I absolutely adore this game in nearly every way. The gameplay is fluid the weapons are super creative, and the music is mind blowing. Everything could have been great, if the American cover artist didn’t create a steaming pile of dog shit! I’m gonna be real with you guys for a second, this cover infuriates me! The love and passion that went into making one of the most iconic video game characters, is nowhere to be found on the cover. The Japanese cover is great, and definitely portrays the overall fun of the game. The art looks like it was vomited up by a drunken Science Fiction writer! There’s blurry buildings, and a random explosion in the background. Then we get to the “Blue Bomber” himself. Oh god! He’s wearing a nauseating blue and yellow jumpsuit that appears to be inflated. He has crossed brown eyes and a freaking unibrow! Then the viewers get a final punch in the face when the see his weapon. Instead of the iconic Mega Buster, he’s carrying a goddamn gun! I hope people can look past this artistic pile of puke, and adore this amazing game for what it is.

megaman       Oh This Hurts My Eyes!

  • Bust-A-Move Millennium for the Game Boy Color: Good old Bust-A Move! This is an iconic bubble popping game at arcades that star the characters of Bubble Bobble. The series is known of have incredibly bizarre cover art, ranging from babies blowing bubbles, to sadistic Ludovico-esque torture devices. This cover, in particular, looks like it was made in 30 minutes! Instead of the cute and snuggly bubble-popping dragons, we are subjected to the freak baby of Bowser and Reptile! He has one giant eye and a strangely placed fang. If the artist was going for a cute character, they failed miserably!

bust a move  

Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel encyclopedias, and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at the stranger side of comic books. Some characters have completely useless abilities, while others are just grotesque beyond comprehension. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Purple Man Real Name: Zebediah Killgrave Status: Villain First Appeared: Daredevil I #4 (1964) Creator: Marvel  Power: Can command anyone in his airspace by verbal suggestion

Zebediah was a spy that tried to steal an experimental nerve gas. He ended up getting doused with the gas, which turned his skin purple, and gave him the power of mind control. His power has limits, and anyone with a strong will can resist his control. He learned this at his first confrontation with the Daredevil. He has been thwarted by the blind superhero on multiple occasions, and is currently serving time in jail. (The mind control gimmick is pretty fascinating, but I still can’t take the purple-skinned villain seriously).

purple man Just look at him! He’s freaking ridiculous!


  • Number One Fan Real Name: Rick Chalker Status: Cyborg (Deceased) Creator: Marvel First Appeared: X-Factor #83 (1993) Powers/ Weapons: Robotic claws and cybernetic implants

Rick was a demented scientist that tried to get revenge for his cousin’s death. What happens next is Darwin Award worthy! He goes into his indestructible lab, and has his robotic assistant amputate his arms. He replaces them with giant propeller blades, and then destroys his assistant. He worthlessness begins to leak out, when he realizes that he can’t escape his lab. Then, to put the “final nail in the coffin”, he offs himself by accidental facepalm! (WTF!) (I am at a complete loss for words, this is just too stupid)!

no 1 fan 

Asher’s Book Reviews (One Every Month)

Quotes and information from The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

Hello fellow book lovers! It’s time to start a new post! Each month, I will be reviewing a different book. I will give a detailed summary of the book, as well as some spoilers. Now, grab your favorite novel, and let’s begin!

The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made by Greg Sestero & Tom Bissell Genre: Non-Fiction 288 pgs.

The Disaster Artist is a biography of Greg Sestero, an actor who starred in one of the biggest messterpieces of all time. The book starts with Greg as a kid, and then gradually moves throughout his life. For those not in the know, The Room is considered by many to be the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. The film was created by the extremely bizarre Tommy Wiseau. Greg meets Tommy in Jean Shelton’s acting class, where he horribly butchers Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 116”. Greg immediately wants to do a scene with him, and the rest is history! We learn of his strange mannerisms early within the book. He would always order a glass of hot water at every restaurant, and seems to have a unhinged grasp on English. His origin and accent remain a mystery even today, as well as his seemingly endless supply of money. Greg describes him as “short and muscular with a lumpy, white, face, a snow -shovel jaw, and impossibly black hair”. The book is a treat to read, because you never know what kind of crazy ideas emerge from Tommy’s head. It’s also quite fascinating to learn about Greg’s personal life, and time as an actor in The Room. There are many incredibly funny scenes in the book, and I don’t want to spoil all of them. My personal favorite is Tommy’s first day of filming. Greg goes to pick him up, and he ends up being 5 hours late to his first production day. His excuse? He had to re-dye his hair! The movie cost Tommy $6 Million, and he purchased all of his equipment instead of renting it! The final product started as a complete flop, but due to Tommy’s shady guerrilla marketing, it became a massive cult hit. I learned about it from the Nostalgia Critic’s review, and then I kept going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Having seen it, I can definitely see why this move is so well loved by fans. The film is still shown every month at the Landmark Theatre in LA. People throw plastic spoons at the screen and quote lines from the film. In conclusion, The Disaster Artist is a giant joyride with hilarious twists and turns around every corner. I give the book a 5 out of 5. I highly recommend the book, and the audiobook is even better, with Greg’s amazing Tommy impression. I’m also really looking forward to James Franco’s film version of The Disaster Artist, so be sure to look out for a review in December!


Below is the link to the trailer for the Disaster Artist


Hilariously Bad Video Game Covers (Every Other Wednesday)

Covers found on various websites

Hello fellow Gamers, and welcome to a new Wednesday post! I have wanted to discuss this topic for a long time! The cover art on a video game is the first thing that a viewer sees. Some of them are freaking awesome, while others stun you like a deer in the headlights. This post will be covering some of the really BAD ones. Keep in mind that the covers do not always determine the value of the game. Now, get ready to laugh and cringe as we begin our journey into the gallery of horrors!

  •  Pac-Man for the Atari: Everybody and their mother knows about Pac-Man. He was one of the first ultra popular video games. You play as the titular character, and try to gobble up pellets while avoiding ghosts. I don’t know what kind of drugs the artist was on when he created this unholy abomination of a cover, but I really hope he’s getting help. The cover depicts Pac-Man as a yellow-faced ping-pong ball with buck teeth and an anorexic body. The “pellets” look more like checker pieces, and the ghosts have legs! This is both an insult to the player, and a horrific, false depiction of the game.

    pac man


  • Tongue of the Fatman (Or Slaughter Sport) for the Genesis, DOS, and Commodore 64: Tongue of the Fatman is an incredibly bizarre fighting game that was created by Activision in 1989. It has a pretty unique story, the characters are grotesquely awesome,  but the controls are awful. The cover art doesn’t do anything to promote a good public image, and may scare little kids. The cover depicts a incredibly disturbing potato-shaped man with purple lips, strangely white teeth, and beady, blue eyes. The cover is just ridiculous enough to make it kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.