More Obscure and Awesome Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more fascinating characters. Now, let’s begin!

  • Mad Harriet Real Name: Unknown Status: Villain (Deceased) Creator: DC Ht: 5ft 10 in Wt: 146 lbs First Appeared: Mister Miracle #6 (February 1972) Powers/Abilities: Extremely unpredictable, savage fighter, superhuman strength, highly resilient to pain, insanely agile, uses energy claws.

Harriet was genetically engineered by Granny Goodness to be an ideal killing machine. The engineering also seemed to cause a few screws to come loose in her brain. She became one of the first Female Furies, and took a lot of pleasure causing harm to others. Her unpredictably soon gave her the reputation of a psychopathic harpy, willing to strike enemies with fast and furious slashes. She lost her life accidentally to Apokolips’ dog soldiers.

mad harriet.jpg   


  • Replicant Real Name: Anthony Gambi Status: Villain (Deceased) Creator: DC First Appeared: Flash Secret Files #2 (November 1999) Ht: 7ft 5in Wt: 325 lbs Powers/Abilities: Technology absorption, weapon absorption, replication.

Anthony lost his parents at a young age, and was raised by his uncle. His uncle was a tailor that repaired costumes for The Rogues, the team of the Flash’s archenemies. The Rogues took the boy under their wing, and he soon grew to respect them as family. Then, one faithful day, Captain Boomerang was crippled by the super speedster. Extremely angered by this, Anthony decided to join the villain team, and was supplied superpowers by T.O. Morrow. He tries, and fails, to defeat the Flash, and tries to absorb as much as possible. He unfortunately destroys himself upon absorbing a dangerous teleportation ability.

replicant (You have to love that s*it-eating grin.)


More Random TV Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture enthusiasts! It’s time for another TV Tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some fascinating quirks. Now, let’s begin!

  • Compelling Voice: A fairly popular trope that’s used in many comics. It occurs when a person’s voice is so powerful, that it leaves you in a hypnotic state, willingly doing anything the voice tells you to. Some examples include; Jessie Custer’s “Word of God” from The Preacher comic series. The reverend’s eyes will occasionally glow red, and he will say a phrase in red text. The target is forced to obey Custer’s every command, and he’s used it to stop many enemies. The Purple Man from Marvel’s Daredevil orders people around with his presence, as well as his voice. Lastly, we have Yuu of the anime Is This A Zombie? She’s a mute character that’s said to have such a powerful voice, that reality literally bends to her bidding.

yuu (This is the adorably powerful Yuu)


  • Too Dumb to Live: This is one of my absolutely favorite tropes. It occurs when a character makes such a stupid decision, or action, that it’s highly unlikely that they will survive to the end. Examples of this include; Hanabatake Yoshiko of the anime Aho Girl. She’s practically brainless, and if the series wasn’t a comedy, she’d be dead in the first scene! Second, we have the lab rats, er, I mean guests in the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. They have no problems with going on lethal rides or being trapped in pathways. Lastly, we have Derek Zoolander’s friends from the movie Zoolander. The all lose their lives in a gasoline fight when one of the decides to light a cigarette.

aho girl (Yoshiko the dummy)

More Awesome TV Tropes

Hello fellow Media Lovers! It’s time for some more tropes! I hope you guys will enjoy it. Now, let’s begin!

  • The Jinx: A darkly comedic trope that deals with severely unlucky characters. They are perfectly normal, but can inflict brutal unluckiness on others. Some examples include: Archie of Archie Comics (He tends to get himself and others around him into trouble), Douglas Fackler of the Police Academy movies (Upon throwing an apple core, he unknowingly causes a riot), and  this is Black Cat of Spider-Man fames main gimmick.



  • Airborne Mook: This trope deals with any character in any form of media that flies, and is usually a pain to deal with. Some examples of this include: Pipis from the classic Megaman series (These mechanical birds drop large eggs on the Blue Bomber that split into many annoying miniature versions), The Lakitu  from Super Mario Bros (These flying freaks stay out of range and drop spinys on the Mario Bros) lastly, we have the Explosive Flies from The Binding of Isaac (These bastards fly around rooms and like to get up in your business. Take care of them from a distance, or face a full heart’s worth of damage) 


Awesome Cards From Custom Hearthstone Part 1

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the card game, and I love the creativity that goes into making each card. Custom Hearthstone is both a subreddit and website that lets people from around the world design cards. This post will be covering some of my absolute favorite cards made on the site. I will be posting their usernames as well, so that you can check them out at your leisure. Now, let’s begin!

  • Senegos Created by: TheGronne  Tribe: Dragon Mana Cost: 8  Type: Legendary Mage Minion Attack: 4 Health: 12 Appearance: A really cool azure dragon with light wings. Effect: Counter the first spell your opponent casts each turn.

This card is absolutely incredible! The stats are extremely fair for an 8 cost minion, and the effect is very unique. You essentially get a “counter spell” minion that activates every turn. If this ever makes it into the real game, Secret Mage decks would become meta defining.



  • Pirate Invasion! by Braydentheco Type: Warrior Epic Spell Mana Cost: 4 Appearance: A group of people being raided by pirates. Effect: Shuffle 10 copies of random Pirates into your deck. They cost (1) less. 

This is another ultra inventive card that could make Pirate Warrior work. It seems like an “Academic Espionage” for the Warrior class, and probably has insane synergies with other pirates. Patches can be summoned for free, and you can easily fill the field with strong minions. Tell me what you think of this card in the comments’ section below.




More Fascinating TV Tropes

Hello fellow Media Lovers! It’s time for another TV Tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some interesting media tropes. Now, let’s begin!

  • Beware the Nice Ones: This is one of my favorite tropes in all of media. It occurs when a character, who’s generally a happy and charming individual, flies into an unstoppable rage or becomes the scariest character in the show. Examples of this include (with possible spoilers); Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. This main character is one of the most lovable and caring individuals in the entire show. However, upon assassinations, his composure completely changes, and he becomes filled with bloodlust. This change is known to make even veteran soldiers shit their pants. Akimichi Chouji from Naruto is a lovable chubby ninja who is best friends with one of the most intelligent characters in the show, Nara Shikamaru. During the Sound Ninja Arc, Shikamaru nearly gets killed by Jirobo, and this cause Chouji to go berserk, and brutally kill the ninja in awesome fashion. Lastly, we have Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. This Jesus Loving neighbor of Homer is always in a good mood. That is, until one episode, when he releases the pent up anger he has at the town in an explosive rant that shocks everyone.


This is Nagisa from Assassination Classroom


  • Acrofatic: A very funny trope that occurs in all forms of media. This occurs when a generally fat individual is actually very quick on their feet. They end up perform feats that aren’t usually possible for people their size. Examples of this include; Rufus from Street Fighter IV. He’s a big man that weighs about 410 pounds. Strangely enough, he’s one of the fastest characters in the series, and can perform ridiculous stunts like firing himself like a missile, or transforming into a tornado of punches and kicks. Next, we have Bo Rai Cho from the Mortal Combat series. This obese drunken master is extremely fast on his feet, and one of his fatalities has the fatty jumping unbelievably high in the air, and crashing down on his opponent. Lastly, we have lovable bald dimwit Jerome “Curly” Howard from The Three Stooges. The bumbling idiot was a surprisingly fast runner.


More Fun TV Tropes

Hello fellow media lovers! It’s time for another TV Tropes post. I hope you guys are ready for some awesome media knowledge. Now, let’s begin!

  • Chest Monster: This is a very commonly used trope in RPGs, and can be a party’s worst nightmare. A Chest Monster is a creature that disguises itself as a bag of loot or treasure chest to trap unsuspecting adventurers. They’re also known as mimics. Some examples include; Greed from The Binding of Isaac. He’s a miniboss that also can resemble a shopkeeper. In Enter The Gungeon, Chest Monsters are extra irritating because they’re armed with guns! Lastly, in Kid Icarus Uprising we have Mimicuties. These evil bastards disguise themselves as loot, and then when Pit gets close, they unleash a brutal barrage of kicks. 



  • Green Around the Gills: There are many ways to tell if a character is feeling sick in any form of media. One of the most common traits is coloring their faces green. This means that the character is about to blow chunks, either on screen, or off screen. Examples of this include; The nauseous face indicator in Roller Coaster Tycoon. John’s face from Peter Pan after he smokes the peace pie. Lastly, there’s Bugs Bunny’s face upon doing a power dive in an airplane.


Bizarre and Wonderful Books Part 1

Parental Advisory! These books may discuss some controversial themes. You have been warned!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new post! I’ve wanted to discuss this topic for a very long time, and I thought that today would be a good place to start. Throughout the years, I’ve read some absolutely bizarre books. When I discovered “Bizarro Fiction” for the first time, it was like a match made in heaven! This genre is insane, and covers some of the most mind-blowing stories I’ve ever read. I see it as the “Abstract Art of Literature”. It has different meanings depending on who reads them, and isn’t afraid to touch on some offensive subjects. If this post makes you interested in this wonderful genre, then I’ve done my part. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Bizarro Fiction!

  • John Dies At The End by David Wong 2009 Genres: Bizarro Fiction, Horror, Humor, Science Fiction  464 Pages Age Rating: 17+ (Strong Language, Gore, Violence, Disturbing Imagery, Drug Usage) 

I’ve talked about this book multiple times in the past, and I still love it to death. The story is about two college kids that fight the paranormal occurrences in their undisclosed town. It also has to do with an absolutely insane drug known as “Soy Sauce”. The book was made into an equally awesome film, and spawned two sequel novels which are just as crazy.  Unlike most Bizarro Fiction books, this one can be found at local bookstores and libraries. I highly recommend checking this book out, and would love to hear what you think of it in the comments’ section below.

john dies.jpg

  • Zombies and Shit by Carlton Mellick III October 17th, 2010 Genres: Bizarro Fiction, Horror, Survival, Punk, Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Fantasy 312 Pages Age Rating: 17+ (Gore, Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Shocking Imagery, Cultural Issues) 

What is there to say about Carlton Mellick III? He easily is one of the godfathers of Bizarro Fiction. His crazy look and explosively intriguing books make him standout in the crowd of literature. I first discovered him when I was researching books that were similar to the one mentioned above. The crazy artwork alone pulled me into the rabbit hole, and there I stayed. This particular novel is one of his coolest and most fascinating. It literally is what would have happened if you were to put Battle Royale, Mad Max, and Dawn of the Dead into a blender. If you like survival novels, you will adore this book. It is equally humorous and tragic with an excellent blend of hardcore punk. The twenty different characters are also very unique, and the story has many ridiculous plot twists throughout. Once again, I highly recommend picking up this book because it is one hell of a unique ride. (Zombies and Shit can be purchased on Amazon for $13)

zombies and shit


The main picture on this post is of the “Godfather of Bizarro Fiction” himself, Carlton Mellick III.