Halloween Special!

Hello fellow viewers, and Happy Halloween! I’ve decided to do something very special for the holiday. This post will be about Creepypastas. Creepypastas are internet horror stories that are passed around and occasionally read by people on Youtube. They cover a variety of topics, ranging from urban legends, to psychological horror. I have been listening to them for a very long time, and I’ve decided to share some of my favorites. Now, use the light of your computers as the campfire, and let’s begin the spooky tales!

  • NES Godzilla Creepypasta by Cosbydaf  Genre: Haunted Game 

Haunted video games are a big part of the Creepypasta community, and this is probably the best story. It’s about a boy named Zachary who is given the old NES game as a present. What starts as a normal, enjoyable gaming experience turns very wrong. Zach goes on a journey through corrupted data, bizarre levels, and one of the scariest video game antagonists ever made. It has many crazy twists and turns that will leave you shocked and amazed. I highly recommend this story to everyone, and I post a link of it below. Goji73 does an impeccable job narrating this story, and even adds his own music to enhance the atmosphere. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this story in the comments’ section below.




  • Borrasca by C.K. Walker Genre: Psychological/Violent/Emotional Horror

The Borrasca is an incredibly intense journey of betrayal, sex, horror, controversy, violence, and despair. It has many adult themes, and is strongly intended for mature audiences only. The story is about a boy named Sam who moves to Drisking, Missouri from St. Louis. Sam’s father, a cop, becomes the sheriff of the town, and Sam meets his two best friends. They start having a lot of fun exploring town, until Sam’s friends Kyle, and Kimber, take him to a place called the Triple Tree. This giant treehouse holds a terrible secret about Skinnedmen and a place called the Borrasca. There’s also a extremely disturbing mechanical noise that appears at random during the day. Shit finally hits the fan when Sam’s sister, Whitney goes missing. What starts as a simple missing person case, transforms into something much worse. Walker pulls no punches, and some parts of the story are very hard to read. The writing and setting of the story is absolutely perfect, and I would love to see this tale transformed into a movie. Posted below, is a link to Mr. CreepyPasta’s narration of the story. He’s one of the most popular “Creepytubers”, and his work is always admirable. I highly recommend this story, but be warned, it’s quite unnerving.   


  • The Showers by Dylan Sindelar Genre: Paranormal

The Showers is an awesome story with a very surprising ending. It’s about a high school student named Jack, and his Social Studies teacher, Mr. Mays. Jack looks up to this teacher, and he’s very popular with the students. One Halloween day, Mr. Mays tells his class a horror story. It ends up being so well done, and so compelling, that everyone loved it. Jack begins to tell the story to other people, and then finally meets his teacher at a bar. What goes on from there is up to you to find out, however, I will say that its one awesome adventure. Mr. CreepyPasta narrates this awesome story in the link below.



Another Bizarre SCP (Tuesdays)

Information found on scp-wiki.net

Some readers may find this disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised!

Hello fellow researchers! It’s Tuesday, and the Foundation has opened its doors once again. I hope you are ready for this week’s entry. Now, grab your Class S protective equipment, and let’s enter the facility.

  • Mimic “Crabs” SCP-236 Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-236 appears to be a swarm of near-microscopic crabs. Individuals match no known form of crustacean, and elements of their physiology appear to point to an artificial origin (See Document BLANK). SCP-236 appears to operate under a form of collective intelligence or “hive mind”. This intelligence appears to grow when individual SCP-236 are in close proximity, and dissipate when they are divided.

Large swarms appear to exhibit “predatory” intelligence, and become significantly more aggressive than individuals. Swarms show aptitude with problem solving, encircling tactics, and stealth. In addition, swarms appear able to take on the physical aspects and appearance of inanimate objects, such as doors, chairs, or even complex patterns such as those found in paintings, for extended periods of time. This mimicry is near perfect under casual observation, and requires detailed observation to detect. Swarms will sometimes even destroy existing objects and replace them in what appears to be an attempt at better disguise.

SCP-236 can create additional individuals out of an organic matter. This includes wood, cotton, or other materials derived from an organic source. SCP-236 units appear to remove small portions of matter with their pincers, consume it, then lay small spherical “eggs”, which hatch into new members after ten minutes. Juvenile SCP-236 look identical to adults but are smaller in size, and lack the chemicals used in the defensive response. Juvenile reach full adult size after six hours.

SCP-236 individuals appear to fear light, rapid movement, or loud noises. This fear is reduced in proportion to the number of units in a swarm, but even large collectives can be startled by a sudden sound or bright light. SCP-236 that are startled while mimicking an object will rapidly break apart into individual units, which will then scatter and hide. Swarm regrouping can take up to 24 hours.

While cornered, or unable to escape quickly, SCP-236 units will initiate their “defensive response”. This entails a unit raising its pincers, and then detonating with an explosion equivalent to 9.07 kg (20lb) of C-4 explosive. Initial research suggests that this is the result of an internal chemical reaction involving the mixture of three normally inert chemicals. Collection of these chemicals has been problematic due to the relatively minute size of storage chambers, and the likelihood of startling SCP-236 during the procedure.

SCP-236 will use humans or any other living things as a resource, provided the swarm is of a sufficient size. Moderate size swarms can convert a whole human being in less than five minutes. Individual SCP-236 have also been observed entering the human body, typically while the subject is asleep, and begin to consume it from the inside out. This behavior, coupled with mimicry and the defensive response, make SCP-236 very difficult to detect and contain effectively.

Addendum: While SCP-236 has not been observed to mimic organic life, the possibility exists for SCP-236 to develop this behavior. Notably, during testing on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Such formations are to be immediately reported, and testing area cleared immediately.

mimic crabs (0_0)               

Weird and Cool Pokedex Entries (Thursdays) (Sources from various dexes and bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net)

Disclaimer: This post may contain mature themes and content that’s not suitable for all ages. Read at your own risk!

Well, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means! It’s time for me to dive into the amazing and strange world of Pokemon! I hope that you guys will enjoy this week’s entries. Now, let’s get started!

  • Macho Man! Machop Pokemon Y Pokedex entry:  Its whole body is composed of muscles. Even though it’s the size of a human child, IT CAN HURL 100 GROWN UPS! (Steroids right?)


  • Jeezus! Heatmor Pokemon X Pokedex entry: Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant’s steel bodies and consume their insides. (Kinda creepy!)



Morbid and Weird Pokedex Entries (Thursdays) Sources From Various Pokedexes and bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

  • Evil durian? Ferrothorn Pokemon X Pokedex entry: By swinging around its three spiky feelers and shooting spikes, it can OBLITERATE an opponent. (Fruit that bites back!)


  • Omnom Whiscash Pokemon Y Pokedex entry: It makes its nest at the bottom of swamps. It will eat ANYTHING- if it is alive, Whiscash will eat it.


  • WTF? Klefki Pokemon X Pokedex entry: These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them. (XD YEAH REEEEEEEEAL SCARY!)


Mythical Beasts and Strange Laws (Wednesdays)

  • One of the wierder mythical creatures is the Nuppeppo. The Nuppeppo is a strange blobby mound of living flesh. The creature originates from Japanese folklore and is harmless to humans. They generally settle in empty places like cemeteries and temples. Due to living in such bizarre places, it is said to have a very foul odor, similar to rotting flesh. The strangest thing about the Nuppeppo is that if you eat its flesh, you will be gifted with eternal youth. (japanpowered.com)


  • In Singapore, the production  of gum is outlawed. This is due to the copious  amount of it sticking  to cars and subways. (dumblaws.com)


  • No pinball wizard? In the state of South Carolina, you must be 18 or older to play a pinball machine. (dumblaws.com)

no pinballunder 18

  • These monsters are straight out of your nightmares! The incredibly scary pack of Blemmyes first was depicted in ancient Greece by historian Herodotus in 5th century BC. They resemble  a headless human figure with a pair of eyes and mouth located on their stomachs. They are cannibalistic and have been referenced in many pieces of modern litterature. (listosaur.com)


  • This next creature is one that I’ve been dying to know the name of! The Gasha-dokuro is one awesome looking beast of Japanese folklore. It resembles a huge skeleton whose teeth chatter and bones rattle. They originally came from the corpses of dead soliders who didn’t receive a proper burial. This caused the bodies to reanimate as an angry and hungry spirit. They have a nasty habit of crushing or decapitating people warndering the streets late at night. It is impossible to kill a Gasha-dokuro and they will keep on living until their hatred stored up within their bodies has burned up. (yokai.com) I think they have an uncanny resemblance to Titans from Attack On Titan.

titantitan    gasha gasha-dokuro