Asher’s Art Gallery (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and my gallery is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some wonderful works. Now, have fun exploring my gallery!

  • ERZEROTIK (KONIG) by Jonathan Meese 2017 Acrylic on canvas

This is a very unique piece by “German Contemporary Artist”, Jonathan Meese. It’s a sublime blend of pinkish hues and melting reds. It kind of has a memento mori feel, due to the skull-like figure near the center. I don’t often find pieces that really impact me other than Abstract ones, so this is a very nice trip into something more modern. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.



  • Women’s Intuition, After Aspen by James Rosenquist 1998 Oil on canvas

This is an incredibly awesome work by “American Pop Artist”, James Rosenquist. The manipulation of the piece is absolutely incredible, and very appealing to the eyes. The painting is covered in vibrant reds and comical spirals. I love that the red color is coming from the lipstick on the left. This is definitely on of the most astonishing Pop Art pieces I’ve ever seen. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.



Hall Of Awesomeness: The Unique Comic Book Characters (Switch With Strangest Characters Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and it’s time for us to change it up. I would like to share with you some of my favorite comic book characters. Some of them may be well known, while others are hidden gems. Now, let’s dive into the awesome world of comics!

  •  Thanos Real Name: Thanos Status: Destroyer of worlds Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Iron Man #55 (February 1, 1972) Powers/Abilities: Incredibly intelligent, neigh invulnerability, has nearly incalculable strength, vast energy and matter manipulation, generation of force fields, telepathy, teleportation, immortality, cosmic blasts

Thanos is a ridiculously strong being, and my favorite Marvel villain. He has it all, brain, brawns, and nearly unlimited power. He was born on Titan, and was ostracized for his hideous appearance. He began to have an obsession with Mistress Death, and slaughtered his entire family to impress her. My favorite storyline of the villain, is when he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet. He becomes so powerful, that not even the most powerful beings, like Eternity and Galactus, could subdue him. I can only hope that his appearance in the new Avengers movie will help people know of his awesome powers.



  • The Punisher Real Name: Frank Castle Status: Anti-Hero/Vigilante Creator: Marvel First Appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (February 1974) Powers/ Abilities: Incredible martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, expert with firearms, superhumanly large pain threshold, lightning fast reflexes, in peak physical shape, highly intelligent, hacker, brilliant technician

The Punisher is an incredibly dark character of the Marvel universe. His backstory is heartbreaking and horrific, with most of his tales being aimed at mature audiences. Before Frank became the titular vigilante, he was a family man with a loving wife, son, and daughter. Then, his entire world went to hell on a family picnic in Central Park. His entire family was gunned down by a mob, and something inside him snapped. He then dedicated his life to killing any criminal he came across. Although he doesn’t have any superpowers, he always finishes his job and seems to be nearly unstoppable. He has crossed paths with many heroes on his journeys, and has helped them out on some occasions. While many disapprove of his violent life, no crime will ever be unpunished as long as the skull-costumed “one man army” is still alive. 



  • Medusa Real Name: Medusalith Amaquelin Status: Hero/ Royal Interpretor Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Fantastic Four #36 (1965) Powers/ Abilities: Highly prehensile hair, enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, resistance to some diseases

Medusa got her powers when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Her hair turned bright red, and grew to 6 feet in length. The hair can lift up to 1.6 tons, and each can be controlled psychokinetically. Medusa was raised in Attlian as a member of the royal family. She begins to spark up a relationship with her vocally destructive cousin, Black Bolt. She learned to communicate with him in a special sign language, and they soon fell in love. She then married Black Bolt, and became the queen of the Inhumans. She know serves as her husband’s royal interpreter, and has assisted the Fantastic Four on many occasions.


Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday , and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more trippy works. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson!

  •  Universal Tree by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

This is a sensational work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s another outdoor painting that absolutely blows my mind! The tree of the work is covered in a bluish-black sheen, that reminds me of something that you would see in outer space. The sparkles are like stars, and the whole work twinkles with incredible curiosity. The bottom of the work is covered in vibrant splashes of colors that appear to “pop-out” at the viewer. My favorite part of the piece is the gorgeous, psychedelic floral pattern that covers the tree’s background. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this work in the comments’ section below.

universal tree


  • Wood’s Eye by Larry Carlson Digital photography

Here we have a jaw-dropping piece by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s digitally enhanced photograph with Carlson’s own blend of psychedelic genius. It’s an outdoor scene with spiraling trees and cloudy skies.  The coolest thing about the piece, is the hyperrealistic eye in the center of the work. The eye also has a strange black aura around it, that reminds me of a rorschach test. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.

woods eye  

Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more of Carlson’s masterpieces. Now, let’s prepare to have our minds blown!

  • Alone and Unafraid by Larry Carlson 

This is one jaw-dropping epic by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s a huge scroll with many different designs. The bottom depicts a kneeling baby on top of a strange spaceship. He’s surrounded by a forest of multicolored trees and a wispy background. As we journey up the painting, we see an orange-robed figure with an abnormally large head. Farther up the work is a grotesque mass of bodies with a rainbow bear in the center of  it. The next part is an outdoor scene with a vicious beast, and snakes with Magritte’s pipes as their heads. I absolutely adore this nod to the famous Belgian Surrealist. After that, we are flung into space and surrounded by planets and the veins of a human skeleton. Ascending up the piece, we are met with a beautiful woman and a jack o’ lantern with a feathered headdress. We then see a man with spiky hair and a VR headset. Then next, and probably strangest part of the work is a disturbing balloon-like creature surrounded by purple gating guns. Climbing even higher, we see many busty women and another orange-robed creature with a rainbow head and a black dolphin on its shoulder. The last part of the painting depicts many jockeys riding horses, a fuchsia bubbled sky, English homes, a psychedelic, tentacled background, and an ultra strange woman-beast hybrid with multiple faces and two hands clutching lightning bolts. I love the amazing detail of this piece, and I hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.



  • The Persistence of Metamorphosis  by Larry Carlson 2015

This is a wild and wacky work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s another outer space piece with a mythical vibe. The main part of the painting is the female figure. She has an incredibly stretched out eyes, which are repeated in four lines like lasers. She also has two speakers on each side of her ears. Her head houses two lion statues, Ganesha, and an Indian palace. The palace has a rainbow emanating out of it, which are surrounded by two contortionist-spider crab hybrids. I love the ridiculousness of the work, and Carlson’s unique brand of genius. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.


Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Paintings found on and

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson. Now, get ready to have your mind blown by the amazing paintings!

  • Medijate Vibrate by Larry Carlson Pigment print on deep matte paper

This is an incredibly trippy work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s an optical illusion piece that’s a true feast for the eyes! The piece is very similar to the “wave” optical illusion, however, Carlson adds his genius on top of it. If you look closely, you can see a meditating woman hidden within the waves. I love this work for its incredibly trippy effect of the viewer. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this piece in the comments’ section below.



  • Fire Tree by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

Here we have another amazing work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s a beautiful blend of realistic imagery, and mind-blowing psychedelia. The titular “tree” is a beautiful display of kaleidoscopic patterns and multicolored flowers. It really makes the viewer gasp in amazement. I especially love the blues that are used in the grass of the work.  Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.


Synthwave September

Le Perv by Carpenter Brut from the album “Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 2015

This is an intense Synthwave track from the Ultraviolent epic, Hotline Miami 2. This particular piece plays during a prison break, and boy, does it fit! It starts with rhythmic bass, accompanied by a droning synthesizer. You can hear police sirens in the background, and this really adds to the dangerous atmosphere. Then, around the 47 second mark, the beat intensifies! We hear a blaring synth, and immediately feel anxiety. I’ve got to give credit to Carpenter Brut and Devolver Digital for using this amazing joyride of a song in the game. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.

Asher Jukebox Part 172

Back by popular demand, here’s the weekly music review! Info about piece found on

Fans of Rick & Morty and The Simpsons will recognize this one!

Baker Street (Instrumental) by Gerry Rafferty from the album “City to City” (1978)

This piece has probably the most catchy saxophone riff of all time. It is one of the times where the music speaks more than words ever could. Raphael Ravencroft’s amazing saxophone skills transport the listener into a world of cosmic euphoria and rhythm. It has been referenced countless times in popular culture, and is said to have been an influence on Slash’s solo in Sweet Child O’ Mine. The song peaked at #2 on the 1978 Billboard Hot 100. I absolutely adore this piece, and would love to hear what you guys think of it in the comments’ section below.