More Crappy Book Covers (Wednesdays)

Hello fellow book lovers! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more crappy covers. Now, let’s begin!

  • Living on Gummy Worms by Kirsten Diane Wright Genres: Christian Fiction Release Date: June 25th, 2014 672 Pages

I am not a fan of Christian Fiction, or religious books in general, so guess my surprise when I come across this! Supposedly the book is about how God can solve all of our problems. The cover is completely pathetic, and is just a vomit-green background with purple text.



  • Pura Vida by Annette Montez Tolda Genre: Mystery Release Date: May 23rd, 2017) 286 Pages

I find this cover to be quite low budget, but I actually enjoy trashy things like this. The cover is nothing more than a picture of a nun with a gun against a white background. Apparently this book is highly reviewed, as it has a 4.9/5 on Amazon. The cover almost reminds of a cult film poster, and that is a good thing.

pura vida.jpg


More Bizarre and Awesome Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more bizarre characters. Now, let’s begin!

  • Shark Real Name: Karshon Status: Humanoid Shark (Villain) First Appeared: Green Lantern (Vol.2) #24 (October 1963) Creator: DC Ht: 6’2” Wt: 243 lbs Powers/Abilities: Telepathy, Flight, Psionic control of matter and energy

Karshon was just an ordinary Tiger Shark, until radiation transformed him into a humanoid shark hybrid with high intellect. He also gained many Psionic powers.  He used these powers to try to take over people mentally. He was eventually stopped by Aquaman and Green Lantern. He then reverted back to his original form, and hasn’t been heard from since.



  • Goldbug Real Name: Matthew Gilden Status: Villain (Deceased) First Appeared: Power Man #41 (March 1st, 1977) Creator: Marvel Powers/Weapons: Gold Gun that sprays gold-colored dust that hardens on contact, Strength-enhancing battlesuit, uses bug-shaped vehicles

Matthew was a petty criminal that was obsessed with gold. He outfitted himself with golden body armor, and started a crime spree with the Maggia. Unfortunately, after failing to steal gold, Matt was disowned by them, and decided to go solo. He was eventually gunned down by the Punisher.


Asher’s Art Gallery (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and my Gallery is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some amazing paintings. Now, have fun exploring the gallery!

  • Peptic Ulcer by Jean-Michel Basquiat (Part of The Daros Suite of Thirty-two Drawings) 1982-83 Acrylic, oil paintstick, pastel, crayon, charcoal, and pencil on paper

This is a great work by “Master Surrealist”, Basquiat. This particular piece has a lot of emphasis on anatomy. His usual tropes are seen in the piece, such as, repeated text, and complex designs. I especially love his morbidly adorable depictions of various organs and teeth. The strangest object in the painting would have to be the chainsaw that’s located near the leftmost corner. I would love to hear what you guys think of this work in the comments’ section below.



  • The Knife Grinder by Kasimir Malevich Oil on Canvas 1912-13 Genre: Cubo-Futurism 

This work is extremely fascinating in design, and I love Malevich’s intricate shapes and use of fractals. The repetition of some of the objects make the main figure appear to be in multiple dimensions, and this is awesome. I also adore his choice of colors, being metallic blue, silvers, bronzes, and golds. This really adds to the industrial appeal of the work. He clearly is influenced by Escher, and the entire piece almost seems like a love letter to his trippy geometric patterns and shapes. If you really examine the piece, you can see what appears to be a man working on a knife with a saw. I might want to dedicate a topic to this specific style of art, and would love to hear your thoughts about that idea and this piece in the comments’ section below.

the knife

Crappy Book Covers (Every 2 Wednesdays)

Well, we’ve done tons of crappy Video Game cover art on this blog, but we’ve never done book covers. Welcome to the book edition of the “crappy things posts”. Now, let’s begin!

  • I Devour Therefore I Am by Bradley Ramsey Genre: Horror Pages: 72 Release Date: May 31st, 2014 Quick Synopsis: This is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror series that focuses on a character named Arlana. It also discusses a fictional epidemic from start to finish. Unfortunately, the book cover is anything but pretty, and might freak out possible consumers. The cover depicts what appears to be a female entity with pitch black eyes. She has a pained expression on her face, and, for whatever reason, she doesn’t have a nose. The cover is very ugly, and looks like it was put together in a short period of time. I might still wanna check out the book though. 



  • Red Zero A Slade Kelly Suspense Series Book 1 by Dianne Harman Genre: Mystery 64 Pages June 30th, 2018 Quick Synopsis: This is a Mystery novel series about a sassy Private Eye named Slade. The cover is absolutely atrocious, and appears to depict a woman’s head emerging from a carpet along with a spilled glass of red wine. 

slade kell

Strange and Wonderful Board Games (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow Gamers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more games. Now, let’s play!

  • Ceylon (2018) 2-4 Players Age Range: 10+ Playing Time: 60 min Designers: Chris and Suzanne Zinsli Artists: Laura Bevon and David Prieto Publisher: Ludonova Type: Unknown Categories: Manufacturing, Farming, and Territory Building Mechanisms: Area Control/Influence, Grid Movement, Phase Order, and Set Collection

Ceylon is a resent board game that focuses on the Sri Lankan tea industry. Players race against each other to try to see their tea to the best export companies. The player with the most points at the end wins.



  • BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game (2001) 2-5 Players Age Range: 16+ Play Time: 60 min Designers: Mike and Chris White Artist: N/A Publisher: Cold Creek Publishing Co Type: Uncategorized Categories: Card Game, Economic, and Party Game Mechanism: Set Collection 

In this game, players combine ingredient cards to make 6 different styles of beer. The players then place chips, which represent crowds, onto the game board. The object of the game is to steal the beer crowds from other players, and to produce the best beer. There’re also many event cards, which can either have positive or negative effects. (I wanna play this game!)



More Crazy Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more crazy entries. Now, let’s begin!

  • Grimdak (The Gothic Pokemon) #326 Dark/Steel Type Abilities: Moody (Raises one stat and lowers another) or Cursed Body (May disable a foe’s move on contact) Doesn’t evolve Gender Ratio: 50% male to 50% female Appearance: An edgy goth character in black and red. Ht: 4’11” Wt: 200 lbs  Base Stats: HP: 70, Attack: 115 Defense: 70, Sp. Atk: 110, Sp. Def: 70, Speed: 90 Base Stat Total: 525 (Very good stats all around) Immune to Poison and Psychic. Weak to Ground, Fire, and Fighting (4x weak)

Entry: Grimdak’s soul was forged by hellfire and sins of the living. Just one glance from its eyes can pierce the hide of an Indian elephant.


  • Shroofle (The Truffle Pokemon) #327 Dark Type Abilities: Immunity (Prevents poisoning) or Poison Heal (Heals upon being poisoned) Gender Ratio: 50/50 Appearance: A sentient mushroom creature. Ht: 2’00” Wt: 19.8 lbs Base Stats: HP: 101, Attack: 76, Defense: 101, Sp.Atk: 56, Sp.Def: 92, Speed: 50 Base Stat Total: 476 (Very high stats defensively) Immune to Psychic and Weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. 

Entry: Wild Shroofle are a culinary delicacy, humans have trained Piguson to sniff them out in the forest.


Strange Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more strange characters. Now, let’s begin!

  • Texas Twister Real Name: Drew Daniels Status: Adventurer and Rodeo Performer Ht: 6’5” Wt: 245 lbs  First Appeared: Fantastic Four #177- Look Out For The Frightful Four! (December 1976) Creator: Marvel Powers/Weapons: Can create and control tornadoes, generates electrical bursts, flight within the tornado.

Drew was a rancher that lived in Texas. One day, he came across a nuclear tornado, and was hit with new powers. He first used his powers to help the Fantastic Four defeat the Frightful Four. He now serves with Thunderbolts.



  • Jude the Entropic Man Real Name: Jude Status: Cult Leader Ht: 6’4” Wt: N/A First Appeared:Marvel Two-In-One #42 (1978) Powers: Mind manipulation, disintegration of matter on contact

Jude (Yagzan) was a leader of a cult of Entropy. One day, he tried to control a vicious monster, and ended up getting his flesh consumed. His successor tried to use the cosmic cube to change Jude into a massively powerful deity known as the Entropic Man. He fought with Captain America and the Thing, before being convinced that death wasn’t the option. He then turned on his successor, and transformed into a life-giving crystal.