Paintings I Love (Mondays)

May contain some nudity,graphic content, and mild language.

I have a huge passion for art and I love all of the different ways to make a painting. Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved going to various Art Museums and spending a long time with each piece. I have decided to create a list of paintings that I would love to share with you guys. Every Monday, I will be adding 2 new art pieces to this list. Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

  • I know the name of this panting sounds nasty, but stay with me! Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano by Salvador Dali 1934: This painting is very creepy, interesting, a bit explicit, and macabre. It depicts a blob-like skull performing an “act” on a grand piano. Despite that does sounds bad, it’s very abstract and isn’t made to take seriously. If you can look past that, it’s a very beautiful and kind of creepy masterpiece. I believe that the piece is a symbol of death or concept of good vs evil.


  • Untitled (Boxer) by Jean-Michel Basquiat 1982: Ah yes, another Basquiat painting. He’s one of my favorite artists and I love most of his work. This painting is one creepy and incredibly awesome work of art. As the name suggests, its a painting of a boxer. However, this is Basquiat were are talking about, so you know its going to kick ass. The sheer furiosity on his face is enought to make the strongest man cringe. The heavy detail also makes this piece a feast to the eyes. I love this painting to death, and I hope you do to!


Dangerous Animals (Saturdays) with help from Michael Largo’s Big Bad Book of Beasts and other websites.

  • I vant your blood! The Mosquito is the world’s most dangerous insect. It has killed more people worldwide than the combined total of all wars in history. (The Big Bad Book of Beasts pg 293)  They can drink up to 5 microliters of blood, which almost ruptures their stomachs. (The Big Bad Book of Beasts pg 293) Every human in the world is allergic to mosquitos. It also can carry malaria, which is one of the world’s most deadly diseases.(


Music Facts (Tuesdays)

  • Smokin! Axl Rose used to get paid $8 an hour for smoking cigarettes, for a weird science experiment at UCLA. (


  • The BBC had The Beatles song ,”I Am The Walrus”, was taken off the air because of two lyrics. The lyrics “let your knickers down” and “pornographic priestesses” were considered to be too explicit. (

banned no

  • Strange! One of the weirdest musical instruments is the Nyckelharpa. The Nyckelharpa is a instrument of Swedish origin that has 37 keys and 16 strings. It is a very old device with records dating back to 1526 C.E. It is played with a bow that slides up and down the strings. (


Dangerous Flora and Animals (Saturdays) With Help From internet sources and Michael Largo’s Big Bad Book of Beasts and Big Bad Book Of Botany.

  • Death Cap Mushroom (Amanita phalloides) The Death Cap Mushroom  is the prime culprit in mushroom-related deaths worldwide. The number of deaths exceeds the number caused by Bear mawlings. The main rule that many follow is to not eat mushrooms in the wild. If you unfortunately happen to ingest one of these deadly fungi, you will be on your way to a very painful death. The effects don’t begin until fifteen hours later. You will experience a horrible bout of vomiting and diarrhea, which lasts for a couple of days After that, your liver or kidneys will fail, causing a hellish death.  You can find these fungi in the late summer and fall in mild latitudes. (Michael Largo Big Bad Book of Botany Pgs.110-112)

death cap

  • I see you! Doll’s Eye (Actaea pachypoda) The Doll’s Eye plant, aka White Baneberry, is a very strange plant that is very dangrous to humans. It looks like a red flower with circular shaped berries that look like eyes. They can be found anywhere in mature forests from southern parts of Canada to Georgia( Small amounts of the roots can be used to help cure childbirth pains, however, the rest of the plant is very poisonous. Consumption of the berries can lead to blisters and gastrointestinal inflammation. (

doll ery

  • Introducing the world’s most venomous fish! The Reef Stonefish (Synanceia verrucosa) is a ninja- like fish that can camouflage itself to look just like a lump of coral in a reef. It has thirteen extremely potent dorsal fin spines that can inject a fatal poison. The venom of the spines produces an intense pain that has supposedly killed many islanders of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. They are mainly found in rubble on the bottom of coral reefs. (





Amazing Food and Drink Facts (Saturdays)

The consumption of dairy may cause acne. ( milk= zits very strange!

  • I’m TNT! One of the ingredients in dynamite are peanuts! (


  • Boing Boing! Ripe cranberries bounce as if they were made of rubber! (


  • Sweet! The second we are born we crave sugar. (


  • Spotted what? Spotted Dick is a very popular British sponge pudding made from currents and suet. (


  • A 20 oz bottle of Coca Cola contains more sugar than that of a large Cinnabon. (

cocacolacinnabun O_O

  • Fugu: a dangerous and deadly Japanese dish consisting of Pufferfish has a toxin that is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. (

fugu 1,200 dangerthan cyanided

  • Apples are members of the rose family. (