Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that mens! Yes, it’s time to take look at some more trippy art. Now, let’s go on a mind-blowing experience together!

  • The Girl Who Fell Through Time by Larry Carlson 2010 collage and paint on paper

This is a very unique work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s an outdoor work that mainly focuses on outer space. The rightmost corner of the work has a strange blue and white planet that reminds me of the Moon. The titular “girl” is covered in a gold dress that’s shining with a brilliant light. She’s surrounded by strange, DNA-like spheres that remind me of gummy worms. As we descend the work, we see a strange altar with a rainbow emanating out of it. I really enjoy this work, and I hope you guys will tell me what you think of it in the comments’ section below. 

fell through.jpg


  • Weed Goat Deluxe by Larry Carlson pigment print on metallic paper

All hail the mighty Weed Goat! This is an art piece that’s guaranteed to make stoners happy. The goat is surrounded by purple cosmic energy, and has giant ganja leaves as its hair. It also has a tentacled mane and various spiral shaped patterns surround his amazing visage. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.



Nature is Awesome (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow nature lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take another look at some awesome creatures and plants. Now, let’s start exploring!

  • Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus) Size: Up to 3 cm Habitat: The Indian and Pacific Ocean  Diet: Carnivorous 

The Blue Dragon is an absolutely gorgeous species of sea slug. It’s a very tiny creature that is extremely poisonous. It can feed on the Portuguese man o’ war, and uses the poison to fend off predators. It’s makes you shocked to find out that this creature is more dangerous than the giant menace it feeds upon.

blue dragon


  • Baseball Plant (Euphorbia obesa) Size: 15 cm Habitat: South Africa 

The Baseball Plant is a very strange flora that’s indigenous to South Africa. As the name states, the plant is shaped like a green baseball, with 8 ridges that resemble stitches. It contains a reservoir of water to use in droughts. It’s also quite toxic, and will cause horrible skin problems if held.


Hall Of Awesomeness: The Unique Comic Book Characters (Switch With Strangest Characters Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow comic book fans! It’s Tuesday, and it’s time for us to change it up. I would like to share with you some of my favorite comic book characters. Some of them may be well known, while others are hidden gems. Now, let’s dive into the awesome world of comics!

  •  Thanos Real Name: Thanos Status: Destroyer of worlds Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Iron Man #55 (February 1, 1972) Powers/Abilities: Incredibly intelligent, neigh invulnerability, has nearly incalculable strength, vast energy and matter manipulation, generation of force fields, telepathy, teleportation, immortality, cosmic blasts

Thanos is a ridiculously strong being, and my favorite Marvel villain. He has it all, brain, brawns, and nearly unlimited power. He was born on Titan, and was ostracized for his hideous appearance. He began to have an obsession with Mistress Death, and slaughtered his entire family to impress her. My favorite storyline of the villain, is when he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet. He becomes so powerful, that not even the most powerful beings, like Eternity and Galactus, could subdue him. I can only hope that his appearance in the new Avengers movie will help people know of his awesome powers.



  • The Punisher Real Name: Frank Castle Status: Anti-Hero/Vigilante Creator: Marvel First Appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (February 1974) Powers/ Abilities: Incredible martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, expert with firearms, superhumanly large pain threshold, lightning fast reflexes, in peak physical shape, highly intelligent, hacker, brilliant technician

The Punisher is an incredibly dark character of the Marvel universe. His backstory is heartbreaking and horrific, with most of his tales being aimed at mature audiences. Before Frank became the titular vigilante, he was a family man with a loving wife, son, and daughter. Then, his entire world went to hell on a family picnic in Central Park. His entire family was gunned down by a mob, and something inside him snapped. He then dedicated his life to killing any criminal he came across. Although he doesn’t have any superpowers, he always finishes his job and seems to be nearly unstoppable. He has crossed paths with many heroes on his journeys, and has helped them out on some occasions. While many disapprove of his violent life, no crime will ever be unpunished as long as the skull-costumed “one man army” is still alive. 



  • Medusa Real Name: Medusalith Amaquelin Status: Hero/ Royal Interpretor Creator: Marvel First Appeared: Fantastic Four #36 (1965) Powers/ Abilities: Highly prehensile hair, enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes, resistance to some diseases

Medusa got her powers when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Her hair turned bright red, and grew to 6 feet in length. The hair can lift up to 1.6 tons, and each can be controlled psychokinetically. Medusa was raised in Attlian as a member of the royal family. She begins to spark up a relationship with her vocally destructive cousin, Black Bolt. She learned to communicate with him in a special sign language, and they soon fell in love. She then married Black Bolt, and became the queen of the Inhumans. She know serves as her husband’s royal interpreter, and has assisted the Fantastic Four on many occasions.


Nature Is Amazing! (Every Other Tuesday)

Hello fellow nature lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more amazing creatures. Now, let’s start exploring!

  • Megamouth Shark (Megachasma pelagios) Size: Up to 18ft  Weight: 1,215 kg Depths found: 0-540 ft Habitat: The Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans

The Megamouth is an incredibly rare species of filter feeding shark. Only 63 specimens are known to exist, and it’s rarely seen by humans. The fish is quite large with a massive mouth. Its mouth can reach up to more than 4 ft in length, and it has more than 50 rows of teeth. Their diet consists of krill and other small organisms. It has bioluminescent tissue in its mouth, which helps it attract prey.



  • Angel’s Trumpet (Brugmansia) Size: 10-30 cm Habitat: Tropical regions of South America

The Angel’s Trumpet is a beautiful, but deadly plant that grows in South America. It comes in many different colors, and has a very pleasant fragrance. While used in many types of medicine, it can still be extremely dangerous. The plant contains various tropane alkaloids, which have a variety of nasty effects. The effects include;  muscle paralysis, hallucinations, cycloplegia, diarrhea, insanity, and at worst cases, death.

angels trumpet 

Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday , and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more trippy works. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson!

  •  Universal Tree by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

This is a sensational work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s another outdoor painting that absolutely blows my mind! The tree of the work is covered in a bluish-black sheen, that reminds me of something that you would see in outer space. The sparkles are like stars, and the whole work twinkles with incredible curiosity. The bottom of the work is covered in vibrant splashes of colors that appear to “pop-out” at the viewer. My favorite part of the piece is the gorgeous, psychedelic floral pattern that covers the tree’s background. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this work in the comments’ section below.

universal tree


  • Wood’s Eye by Larry Carlson Digital photography

Here we have a jaw-dropping piece by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s digitally enhanced photograph with Carlson’s own blend of psychedelic genius. It’s an outdoor scene with spiraling trees and cloudy skies.  The coolest thing about the piece, is the hyperrealistic eye in the center of the work. The eye also has a strange black aura around it, that reminds me of a rorschach test. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.

woods eye  

Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

All works found on and

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some transcendent art pieces. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson!

  •  Alone and Unafraid- Part Three by Larry Carlson 2012 Digital chromogenic print

This is a large and epic work by “Surrealist Guru”, Larry Carlson. The overall presentation of the piece is awe-inspiring, and Carlson’s fantastic genius leeks through. Carlson has always had a way with cosmic elegance, and this painting is no exception. The atramentous sky reminds me of one of those old rainbow papers we used as kids. He has multicolored stars across a black background, and also curved lines representing the eight planets. As we descend down the piece, we see a cosmic, satellite-like, entity with a woman’s head. A roller coaster is attached to it, and we see it emitting brilliant white lightning. Diving even deeper down, our eyes meet a robed figure with two faces. It appears to be holding some sort of spherical staff, which is radiating with a purple aura. Lastly, we see the ground of the work,which seems to be made out of melting saxophones. I absolutely adore this piece, and I would love to hear what you guys think of it in the comments’ section below.




  • Colorized Afternoon by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

Here we have a vibrantly brilliant work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. The colors of the piece really “pop out” at the viewer, and transport them into a surreal world of intense serenity. Everything about the painting incorporates the senses, whether it be the multicolored sky, or the floral-patterned grass. While not being one of Carlson’s biggest works, it still aims to blow the viewer’s mind. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.

colorful afternoon 

Asher’s Film Reviews (Every 2 Months)

Hello fellow movie lovers, and welcome to this special post! Every two months, I will be reviewing a movie.  I hope you guys will enjoy this post. Now, let’s get started!

The Trip by Michael Winterbottom Starring: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon (Not Rated) Genre: Comedy, Drama (2010) 1hr 51min 

The Trip is a hilarious film that stars Steve Coogan of Alan Patridge fame, and his best friend, Rob Brydon. The movie is about a food trip that the two actors take through northern England. They make various stops at different points in the film, and the acting is almost all improvised. Coogan and Brydon have amazing chemistry with one another, and it’s an fantastic sight to behold. Brydon is amazing at impressions, and we get the treat of listening to them throughout the film. I especially enjoy Rob’s impression of Michael Caine, as it’s completely spot on. The entire movie is one giant laugh riot that I highly recommend to anybody. The food looks incredibly tasty, and is pure eye candy. My final rating for this movie is a 9/10.