More Crappy Video Game Art (Every Other Wednesday)

Hello fellow gamers! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more cringy artwork. Now, let’s begin this suckfest!

  • Chuckie Egg 2 for the Amiga (1985) Genre: Adventure

Chuckie Egg 2 is a strange adventure game for the Amiga computer. You control Harry, who’s trying to assemble a giant chocolate egg. The cover is an entirely different beast! For one thing, it’s creepy as fuck! We see an egg-human hybrid with hyperrealistic eyes and an incredibly ugly face. The backwards cap also makes the egg look like a pretentious douchebag. We also can’t forget the pig vomit which is the weird spider hanging on the bamboo from above. I absolutely hate this cover, and it’s sure to induce nausea within minutes of viewing.

chuckie egg


  • NCAA March Madness 2003 for the Playstation 2 (2002) Genre: Sports 

March Madness was a series of basketball games that were made by EA Sports. This cover is truly a mustard stain of epic failure! The basketball player, Drew Gooden is incredibly flamboyant looking, and has a very stupid expression on his face. His head is also disproportionate to the rest of his body. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.



Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday , and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more trippy works. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson!

  •  Universal Tree by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

This is a sensational work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s another outdoor painting that absolutely blows my mind! The tree of the work is covered in a bluish-black sheen, that reminds me of something that you would see in outer space. The sparkles are like stars, and the whole work twinkles with incredible curiosity. The bottom of the work is covered in vibrant splashes of colors that appear to “pop-out” at the viewer. My favorite part of the piece is the gorgeous, psychedelic floral pattern that covers the tree’s background. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this work in the comments’ section below.

universal tree


  • Wood’s Eye by Larry Carlson Digital photography

Here we have a jaw-dropping piece by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s digitally enhanced photograph with Carlson’s own blend of psychedelic genius. It’s an outdoor scene with spiraling trees and cloudy skies.  The coolest thing about the piece, is the hyperrealistic eye in the center of the work. The eye also has a strange black aura around it, that reminds me of a rorschach test. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.

woods eye  

More Creepy Art Pieces (October Special)

Hello fellow horror fans! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more scary paintings. Now, grab a costume, and let’s scare up some fun!

  • Time to bring back a scary classic! The Face of War by Salvador Dali Oil on canvas 1940

This is one piece that will send shivers down your spine! It’s a brilliantly macabre work by “Spanish Surrealist”, Salvador Dali. It depicts a rotten head with no eyes and a horrifying expression. There’re mirror images of the skull in the head’s eyeholes. The atmosphere of the work is extremely unsettling, and puts the viewers on edge. Supposedly, the painting is a representation of Dali’s premonitions of war, as this was made just as WW2 started. It definitely conveys its message well, and our morbid curiosity compels us to keep looking.

face of war   

  • Insane Woman by Theodore Gericault 1822 Oil on canvas

This is an incredibly grotesque work by “French Lithographer”, Gericault. The woman of the work is very unsettling, and quite realistic. The woman’s face is wrinkled and decrepit. Her eyes, which are probably the most disturbing aspect of the piece, are bloodshot and crossed. She also has a very deranged smile. I love the artist’s close attention to detail, and I really enjoy the uniqueness of the piece.


Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more of Carlson’s masterpieces. Now, let’s prepare to have our minds blown!

  • Alone and Unafraid by Larry Carlson 

This is one jaw-dropping epic by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s a huge scroll with many different designs. The bottom depicts a kneeling baby on top of a strange spaceship. He’s surrounded by a forest of multicolored trees and a wispy background. As we journey up the painting, we see an orange-robed figure with an abnormally large head. Farther up the work is a grotesque mass of bodies with a rainbow bear in the center of  it. The next part is an outdoor scene with a vicious beast, and snakes with Magritte’s pipes as their heads. I absolutely adore this nod to the famous Belgian Surrealist. After that, we are flung into space and surrounded by planets and the veins of a human skeleton. Ascending up the piece, we are met with a beautiful woman and a jack o’ lantern with a feathered headdress. We then see a man with spiky hair and a VR headset. Then next, and probably strangest part of the work is a disturbing balloon-like creature surrounded by purple gating guns. Climbing even higher, we see many busty women and another orange-robed creature with a rainbow head and a black dolphin on its shoulder. The last part of the painting depicts many jockeys riding horses, a fuchsia bubbled sky, English homes, a psychedelic, tentacled background, and an ultra strange woman-beast hybrid with multiple faces and two hands clutching lightning bolts. I love the amazing detail of this piece, and I hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.



  • The Persistence of Metamorphosis  by Larry Carlson 2015

This is a wild and wacky work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s another outer space piece with a mythical vibe. The main part of the painting is the female figure. She has an incredibly stretched out eyes, which are repeated in four lines like lasers. She also has two speakers on each side of her ears. Her head houses two lion statues, Ganesha, and an Indian palace. The palace has a rainbow emanating out of it, which are surrounded by two contortionist-spider crab hybrids. I love the ridiculousness of the work, and Carlson’s unique brand of genius. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.


Asher’s Art Gallery (Scary October Edition) (Every Other Monday)

* Some of these pieces are pretty creepy!

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and my Gallery is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome pieces. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

  •  The Smiling Spider by Odilon Redon Lithograph 1888 

This is a grotesquely awesome work by “French Symbolist” Redon. The titular spider is atramentous with 8 very long legs. The most surreal part of the piece is the spider’s face. It has human-like features and short, fang-like teeth. It’s also missing one eye, and almost absorbs the background. While, it’s not the most colorful piece, I believe that this adds to the creepiness factor. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.

the smiling spider.jpg


  • Necronom IV by H.R. Giger 1976 Airbrush on paper

This is an incredibly awesome work by the genius of Aliens, H.R. Giger. This is a painting of a fierce-looking Necromorph with multiple tentacles. The face reminds me of a dragonfish, and the long head is like a giant spine. The use of dark colors really brings this work to life. I adore the incredibly intricate design, and creepy visuals. Tell me what you think of this horror masterpiece in the comments’ section below.


Carlson Mondays (Every Other Monday)

All works found on and

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some transcendent art pieces. Now, let’s dive into the amazing world of Larry Carlson!

  •  Alone and Unafraid- Part Three by Larry Carlson 2012 Digital chromogenic print

This is a large and epic work by “Surrealist Guru”, Larry Carlson. The overall presentation of the piece is awe-inspiring, and Carlson’s fantastic genius leeks through. Carlson has always had a way with cosmic elegance, and this painting is no exception. The atramentous sky reminds me of one of those old rainbow papers we used as kids. He has multicolored stars across a black background, and also curved lines representing the eight planets. As we descend down the piece, we see a cosmic, satellite-like, entity with a woman’s head. A roller coaster is attached to it, and we see it emitting brilliant white lightning. Diving even deeper down, our eyes meet a robed figure with two faces. It appears to be holding some sort of spherical staff, which is radiating with a purple aura. Lastly, we see the ground of the work,which seems to be made out of melting saxophones. I absolutely adore this piece, and I would love to hear what you guys think of it in the comments’ section below.




  • Colorized Afternoon by Larry Carlson Pigment print on metallic paper

Here we have a vibrantly brilliant work by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. The colors of the piece really “pop out” at the viewer, and transport them into a surreal world of intense serenity. Everything about the painting incorporates the senses, whether it be the multicolored sky, or the floral-patterned grass. While not being one of Carlson’s biggest works, it still aims to blow the viewer’s mind. Tell me what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.

colorful afternoon 

Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel encyclopedias, and

Hello fellow comic book lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time for us to take a look at some more ridiculous characters. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Black Talon Real Name: Samuel David Barone Status: Villain First Appeared: Avengers #152 (October 1976) Creator: Marvel Powers/Weapons: Limited necromancy, metal talons on boots and gloves

Samuel was a powerful voodoo priest with a legion of zombies at his command. He donned a chicken head crest and worked for the villainous Grim Reaper. He tried to  attack New York City with his zombies, but was stopped and shot to death by The Punisher. (While his powers are pretty strong, his overall design is just hilarious!)

 black talon

  • Mirage Real Name: Desmond Charne Status: Villain Creator Marvel First Appeared: Amazing Spider-Man #156 (1976) Powers/Weapons: Creation of illusionary self-duplicates

Desmond was a hologram technician that decided to become a villain. He created a power suit that granted him hologram manipulation. He started his criminal career by robbing from weddings and other society events. One of these weddings was being photographed by Peter Parker. He stopped Mirage by dropping a chandelier on his head. After many failed crime sprees, Desmond was shot to death by the Scourge of the Underworld.