Awesome and Unique Quirks From My Hero Academia

Hello fellow viewers, and welcome to a brand new topic! My Hero Academia is an incredible Anime with a gigantic cast of characters. The series takes place in a futuristic world where 80% of the population have inherited amazing supernatural abilities known as Quirks. Each of said Quirk is extremely unique, and people use them in a variety of ways. Deku, the main character was unfortunately born Quirkless, and the series revolves around his journey of becoming the world’s greatest hero. We meet multiple characters throughout the story that have awesome abilities, and this is what this topic is going to be covering. Expect a lot of these posts in the near future due to the staggering amount of abilities. Minimal Spoilers Ahead! Now, let’s begin!

Manifest Quirk User: Tamaki Amajiki (Hero) Type: Transformation First Appeared: Episode 68 Ch 132 Abilities: This incredible Quirk allows Tamaki to literally manifest various properties of anything he consumes. It can also allow him to gain a variety of different abilities. He can gain tentacles from eating Takoyaki, or an immensely potent stinger from eating a bullet ant. The Quirk doesn’t stop at food, and is only limited to what his body can digest. Special Moves: Chimera Centaur: Tamaki transforms himself into a raging centaur. Chimera Tentacles: Tamaki gains multiple tentacles and releases them to attack in a rotating wave. Weaknesses: His transformations are only retained if it remains in his system. He has to eat specific foods each day in order to gain their powers.

Tamaki has one of my favorite Quirks in the entire series. I love food-related abilities, and this is one of the most unique ways to make it powerful. The possibilities are nearly endless, and I can’t wait to see what other ideas Horikoshi has in store for us.

My Hero Academia Debuts Amajiki's Strange Quirk

Comic Quirk User: Manga Fukidashi Type: Mutant First Appeared: Ch 200 Abilities: This Quirk allows Manga to create onomatopoeia in the real world. This is visualized in the form of huge Japanese letters by speaking them. The onomatopoeia has the same effects as that sound. This makes this Quirk extremely versatile, and various effects can happen if Manga spells the wording correctly. Special Moves: KA-BOOM! BANG! BLAM! BONK!: This move creates gigantic and sturdy letters that crash through an area, and act as a protective wall. Jimejime: This set of letters acts as a humidifier. BOING: Creates bouncy letters that reflect projectiles. Added Effect: The Quirk also transforms Manga’s head to look like an actual comic book speech bubble. Weakness: Using the Quirk too often will cause Manga’s throat to become sore, and it will limit the usage of words.

Manga is a fascinating character that hasn’t been seen in many chapters. His Quirk reminds me of Koichi’s Stand, Echos, and I bet it’ll be super colorful in the Anime.

Comic Quirk Revealed | My Hero Academia | My hero, Hero, Stupid funny memes

More Crazy Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries


Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! It’s time for another Pokedex post. I hope you guys are ready for some crazy entries. Now, let’s begin!

Shiriman (The Brown Eye Pokemon) #308 Appearance: A nude human-like creature with a large red eye on its ass. Psychic/Fairy Type Possible Abilities: Receiver (Copies the Ability of a defeated ally), Keen Eye (Prevents accuracy from being lowered and ignores evasiveness-raising moves), Intimidate (Lowers opposing Pokemon’s Attack stat by 1 upon entering the battle), or Prankster (Gives priority to status moves, but fails if the target is a Dark type) Ht: 2’11” Wt: 69.7 lbs Doesn’t evolve Base Stats: HP: 109, Attack: 88, Defense: 87, Sp. Atk: 86, Sp. Def: 85, Speed: 64 Base Stat Total: 519 (Extremely balanced stats with an emphasis on HP) Immune to Dragon and Weak to Ghost, Steel, Bug, and Poison

Entry: Shiriman disguises itself as a person, then flips around to expose its hazel eye. Its mouth also serves as an anus.


Asher’s Art Gallery

Hello fellow Art Lovers! It’s time to add some new pieces to my Gallery! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome paintings. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

Luna Selene by Larry Carlson Pigment Print on Paper

This is an absolutely gorgeous work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s an outdoor piece that seems to take place in space. The main focal point of the work is the figure in the center. She’s wearing Day of The Dead face paint and has her eyes closed. Her face is repeated multiple times and forms a half moon. This must be where the of the work comes from, and in my opinion, is strangely beautiful. The background of the piece is covered with trippy visuals and gorgeous colors. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.

Asher’s Art Gallery

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s time to add some new pieces to my Gallery! I hope you guys are ready for some amazing works. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

Wavy 15: Intergalactic Visionary by Larry Carlson Pigment print on paper

This is an incredibly trippy work by “Computer Guru” Larry Carlson. It reminds me of the famous wave optical illusion, and it really pulls you in with its overlapping patterns. We also see a psychedelic shadows of a female figure to the left, and what appears to be UFOs. The saucers themselves create a pattern of their own, and I believe the beauty of this piece is the various perspectives to look at it from.

More Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries


Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! It’s time for another Pokedex post. I hope you guys are ready for some crazy entries. Now, let’s begin!

Slugfugg (The Fug Pokemon) #374 Water/Poison Type Appearance: A gross and gooey snail-like creature with sharp claws. Possible Abilities: Gooey (Lowers speed of opposing Pokemon on contact), Rain Dish (The Pokemon will regain 1/16th of its maximum HP in Rain at the end of each turn), Sap Sipper (Boosts Atk by one stage if hit with a Grass-type move), or Hydration (Heals all status conditions at the end of every turn in the rain) Male Only The Final form of Slugbud Ht: 6’07” Wt: 331.8 lbs Base Stats: HP: 105, Attack: 100, Defense: 135 Sp. Atk: 75, Sp. Def: 95, Speed: 40 Base Stat Total: 550 (Has the highest base stats of all non-legendary Poison Pokemon) Weak to Psychic, Electric, and Ground

Entry: It is a very masculine Pokemon. Despite their masculinity, maniacs insist that it is female only.


My Least Favorite Isaac Items

The Binding of Isaac is one of my favorite video games ever made. I posted about this game many times before, but I’ve never gone into detail about the items. Many of the said items can make or break runs, making Isaac insanely powerful, or incredibly weak. Today, I will be going over some of my least favorite items. Now, let’s begin!

Marked # 394 Type: Passive Effect: Allows Isaac to shoot tears automatically directed by a red target on the ground.

I have always despised this item, and never found it useful in any run. I like to have my tears controlled by me, and not automatically. It also is very hard to hit anything with it, and will usually do more harm that good. Avoid this item at all costs.

Marked | Wiki Binding of Isaac | Fandom

Butter Bean #294 Type: Active Effect: Farts on nearby enemies and knocks them back.

This item is infamous for being absolutely terrible. It hard does anything, and is just a waste of a spacebar item. It was so much hated in the community, that Edmund created a new and improved version to give it some playability.

Rad – Asher's Blog Of Random Information

More Crazy Pokemon Clover Pokedex Entries


Hello fellow Pokemon Trainers! It’s time for another Pokedex post! I hope you guys are ready for some crazy entries. Now, let’s begin!

Sonnanos (The Nanomachine Pokemon) #185 Appearance: A robotic creature with gigantic muscles. Steel/Fighting Type Possible Abilities: Iron Fist (Powers up punching moves by 20%), Sheer Force (Moves with additional effects have their power increased by 30%, but the additional effects are negated), or Stamina (Increases Defense by one stage when hit by an attack). Ht: 5’03” Wt: 306.4 lbs Gender Ratio: 75% Male to 25% Female Base Stats: HP: 105, Attack: 115, Defense: 105, Sp. Atk: 60, Sp. Def: 60, Speed: 70 Base Stat Total: 515 (Very good attack and defense stats) Immune to Poison and Weak to Fire, Ground, and Fighting

Entry: Sonnanos hardens in response to physical trauma, nothing can hurt it. DON’T FUCK WITH THIS POKEMON!!

More Awesome Stands


Hello fellow Jojo fans! It’s time for another Stand Post! I hope you guys are ready for some crazy characters. Now, let’s strike a pose and begin!

Aqua Necklace Stand User: Anjuro Katagiri (Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 1) Ch 269 Appearance: A dogu-like creature with a blue body, multiple eyes, and many various forms. Type: Bound and Long-Distance Stand Abilities: Liquid Manipulation: This Stand can manipulate its body into various sizes to confuse and totally annihilate its enemies. Liquid Form: The stand can also disguise itself as any liquid and retain their properties. This is especially dangerous when it turns into regular drinking water. The unfortunate soul to drink this particular Stand with have their body completely destroyed. Possession: The last ability this Stand has is possession. It will enter the target through the mouth and completely control them.

Aqua Necklace was the first Stand Josuke fought in Part 4, and he used his liquid manipulation powers to awesome effect. A highly effective and dangerous Stand.

Aqua Necklace | JoJo's Bizarre Wiki | Fandom

Cream Starter Stand User: Hot Pants First Appeared: Steel Ball Run Ch 33 Part 7 Appearance: A hand-held spray can. Type: Bound Stand Abilities: Flesh Spray: Hot Pants can spray flesh as cream-like consistence that will eventually retake its original form. The flesh can fuse with someone on contact, and this can cause a variety of effects. Some of these effects include: blocking respiratory functions by retaking its original form, decomposition on impact, healing wounds, disguises, chemical manufacturing, and body manipulation.

Cream Starter | JoJo's Bizarre Wiki | Fandom

Asher’s Art Gallery

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s time to add a new painting to my Gallery. I hope you guys are ready for a magnificent work. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

  • Walk to the Water by Larry Carlson (2020) 

This is a fantastic piece by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It’s an outdoor piece with a very unique infrared-like look to it. The sky is a blaze of vibrant pinks, blues, and reds, and it’s a gorgeous sight to behold. The bottom of the piece has 2 nude women that are holding hands, and look like they’re about to jump into the ocean. My favorite part of this painting is the center, which is a kaleidoscopic display of incredible patterns, colors, and a strange black hole.

walk to the water

Asher’s Art Gallery

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s time to add some new paintings to my Gallery! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome works. Now, have fun exploring my Gallery!

  • Nevada Night Flight Two by Larry Carlson 2020 

This is a fairly recent piece by “Computer Guru”, Larry Carlson. It’s a beautiful painting with incredible detail and hypnotic eyes. It takes place outdoors, presumably at night, as we can see the gorgeous dark sky ablaze with stars. Apparently this is supposed to be part of Nevada, and we get some realistic trees in the background. The sky is also covered with a kaleidoscopic display of vibrant colors. It’s an absolutely stunning piece, and I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments’ section below.

nevada night flight


  • Emerald Eye by Larry Carlson 2020

This is another unique work by “Master Surrealist”, Larry Carlson. It is another outdoor piece that has some wonderful hints of Realism. It appears to take place in the middle of the day and the sky is a gorgeous orange color. The titular eye of the piece belongs to the strange female figure that is situated in the middle. The eye literally takes up her entire face and transforms the beauty into a grotesque being. It kind of catches the viewer off guard, but I believe that this adds to the charm. Tell me what you think of this work in the comments’ section below.

emerald eye