Crazy and Absurd Album Covers Part 1

Hello fellow viewers, and welcome to a new topic! I have already done many posts on bad video game box art, and I really enjoyed researching them. Then, I watched Crash Thompson’s Worst Album Covers series, and immediately wanted to add my own spin on it. So, with major respects to Crash, I present my critique on some of the world’s strangest album covers. Now, let’s rock!

Catui:Irmao Decor Released: 1982 Language: Portuguese Genres: I have no freaking clue! I’m guessing Rap/Experimental

Well, what a way to start this post! The internet has basically no information on this enigmatic Portuguese musician. The background is an overwhelming shade of blue and the male figure located in the center is worry-some . I believe it to be a picture of the titular musician, but he seems off. For one thing, his eyes are literally crossed, and he has the expression of someone who just shat themselves. You do you I suppose!

Catui - Irmao Decor | Worst album covers, Classic album covers, Bad album

Ted Nugent: Scream Dream (June 1980) Genres: Hard Rock/Metal

Barf! Ted Nugent is one of the most reprehensible pieces of shit in music today. His scandals and support of Trump makes me nauseous! This cover is no different, it’s flat out disturbing, and pretty stupid. What we have is the titular dickhead shirtless, and with an incredibly stupid expression on his face. Oh yeah, his arms are guitars…………spooooooooky!

Scream Dream - Wikipedia

More Awesome TV Tropes

Hello fellow Pop Culture Enthusiasts! It’s time for another Tropes post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome trivia. Now, let’s begin!

Beware the Silly Ones: This is a fairly common trope that is used in many forms of media. It occurs when a character that’s usually played for comic relief, shows their true powers . Some examples include: Tobi from Naruto. This spiral-masked clown is first described as a bumbling idiot. However, due to some spoilers later, his true colors come out, and it causes the reader to step back in shock. Next, there’s Deadpool from Marvel. Everybody’s favorite “merc with the mouth” is one of the funniest characters to every grace comics. His strange blend of humor has entertained the world over. Then, you remember that he’s a literal expert with almost every weapon, and can kill you in the amount of time it takes you to make a PB&J! Lastly, there’s Sheldon Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. While usually the pathetic and easily tricked antagonist, he makes a complete U-turn in the movie. He literally enslaves all of Bikini Bottom, and steals King Neptune’s crown.

Tobi render [Naruto OL] by Maxiuchiha22 on DeviantArt

Bloody and Gorier : A pretty dark trope that’s used in many forms of media. It occurs when a remake or update of a specific work goes for a much more gruesome tale. Various changes occur, and they’re usually much more graphic in terms of blood and gore. Some examples include: Afterlife with Archie. This horror spinoff of the ultra popular Archie Comics has Jughead getting bitten by a zombified Hot Dog. The story takes a dramatic and gruesome turn with tons of blood and gore. Next, there’s Peter Kuper’s Spy vs. Spy series. What originally started out as cartoonish violence, has now escalated into an all out gore fest.

Peter Kuper - Lambiek Comiclopedia

More Awesome Isaac Items

Hello fellow Basement Dwellers! It’s time for another Isaac post! I hope you guys are ready for some fantastic items. Now, let’s descend into the unknown depths below!

Chaos! Type: Passive Item/Shop Item Appearance: A red cross with an X in the middle of it. Issac Appearance: He gets a troll face. Effect: Causes all item pedestals to be chosen from a random item pool instead of the pre-defined ones normally exist. It also spawns 1-6 pickups on the floor. Breakfast is spawned if an item is chosen from an exhausted pool.

I always pick up this awesome item whenever I see it. It makes the game even more random, and some of my best runs have been due to it. It’s also always fun to see a Devil Deal item in the Angel Room, and you can make a weak run great in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, you can also have the other side of the coin, and get absolute shit instead. Nonetheless, I still really enjoy this item, and I can’t wait for Repentance to add even more craziness to it.

Chaos | Wiki Binding of Isaac | Fandom

Serpent’s Kiss Type: Passive Item How to unlock: Beat Satan with Lilith. Appearance: A green pair of lips with with poison dripping out of it. Issac’s Appearance: Isaac grows a pair of fangs that drip green poison. Effect: Tears have a random chance to have a poison effect, dealing 4 to 6 damage per tick to enemies. It also allows Isaac to deal poison damage on contact with enemies. (4 to 6 damage over time) Enemies that are killed with the poison have a chance to drop black hearts.

This item is like The Common Cold and The Virus mixed together. Poison damage is quite potent in Isaac, and this makes it so much better. Also, if you combine this with Scorpio, you deal poison damage with every shot. The chance of getting black hearts is probably the best part of this item, and you can rack them up quite fast with high luck.

Asher’s Jukebox Part 196

Trigger Warning! The music video for this song is the most violent one on the album aside from Leather Teeth. It contains excessive blood and gore, boobs, and graphic kills. Shockingly enough, the blood and gore of the video didn’t make it age restricted. The fact that there’re topless women did! Youtube is very strange when it comes to restrictions, but the fact still remains, it’s not for the faint of heart. With all of that out of the way, let’s begin!

+MONDAY HUNT+ by Carpenter Brut from the album“Leather Teeth” Released: February 22, 2018 Genres: Synthwave, Electronic Music Video Released: February 13th, 2020

This absolute banger of a track is the continuation of the story from Cheerleader Effect. It starts with Bret’s horrifically burned and bandaged body being carried away on a stretcher. We also hear some intense and brooding synth lines. Next, we see a squad of women practicing aerobics. This is intercut with some absolutely brutal slasher kills. The kills sync up quite well with the intense instruments, and it gives the listener a real feeling of unease. Carpenter censors breasts in the video with bloody severed arms that have fake product placement on them. I find this to be extremely hilarious because the Youtube algorithm thinks that boobs are worse than bodies being sliced up and people being decapitated. Halfway through the piece, we get some very catchy guitar riffs that are intercut with some very bloody deaths. Next the synth starts to really get rock-inspired, and we are met with some awesome repeated bars that are cut with lightning fast kills and back to the aerobics . This is my favorite part of the piece, and it must have taken months to get the timing correct. The last image in the video is probably the most chilling, as it shows Bret ripping his bandages off with a maniacal expression on his face. I would love to hear what you think of this piece in the comments’ section below.


Asher’s Jukebox Part 195

Some NSFW Content Ahead!! The music video of this song contains; panty shots, flashing lights, and some bullying. Although a lot of it is censored, there’s some strong implications behind it. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic song, and I hope you enjoy my synopsis.

+Cheerleader Effect+ by Carpenter Brut feat. Kristoffer Rygg from the album “LEATHER TEETH” (February 28, 2018) Music Video Released: (January 1st, 2019) Genres: Synthwave, Avant-Garde, Synthpop, Experimental, Electronica, Black Metal

This is an amazing track from Carpenter’s epic album, Leather Teeth. The song is the origin of the titular “Leather Teeth”, and it’s a great one to start with. It begins with a chilling synth, and then Kristoffer’s vocals start. He sings in a very chilling, yet beautiful voice and tells the story of a puny and incredibly bright High School kid named Bret that gets beaten up by jocks. He also has a massive crush on the head cheerleader, and the head jock happens to be in a relationship with her. Bret then tries to make a potion to make her fall in love with him, but the jocks sabotage the lab equipment. The potion ends up exploding, and this causes a vial of nitric acid to break, horribly scarring Bret’s face. The lyrics “Living monster of the night” and “You made me what I’m today” conveys the aftermath of this, and also foreshadows Bret’s gruesome revenge in the songs “Leather Teeth” and “Monday Hunt” . The last lyrics of the chorus; “You don’t have to scream and shout, in this silent place” is more foreshadowing for the multiple victims that Bret will claim. The whole story around the album is what makes it one of my favorites. The instruments also have amazing chemistry with the lyrics, and the video gives the listeners a first-hand experience of what’s going on in Bret’s mind. You can feel his despair and rage building up after the incident, and he finally snaps at the end of “Monday Hunt”. In conclusion, this is a fantastic piece that I hope you all enjoy. Tell me what you think of it in the comments’ section below.

TheWorld’s Craziest Restaurants Part 1

Hello fellow viewers, and welcome to a brand new topic! Crazy restaurants have always been a unique topic to me, so I’ve decided to compile some of the most outrageous I can find. Today’s restaurant serves some of the world’s most artery-clogging food, and it’s known as The Heart Attack Grill. Now, let’s begin!

The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital-themed restaurant that’s located in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s known for having busty waitresses dressed as nurses, surreal humor, and extremely fatting food. Plus, if you weigh over 350 lbs, (yes, they weigh you before you go in), you eat for free! The restaurant has an infamous burger that is guaranteed to make any nutritionist in an 100 mile radius vomit with disgust. It actually won a Guinness World Record in 2013 for the “World’s Most Calorific Burger.” The record belongs to the Quadruple Bypass Burger. This unholy abomination clocks in at a whopping 9,982 calories and consists of 4 1/2 pound hamburgers, 3 tablespoons of lard, 20 slices of bacon, 8 slices of American cheese, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, 20 slices of caramelized onion baked in lard, 8 tomato slices, and hopefully, a trip straight to the emergency room! They also sell Flatliner Fries, which are fries deep fried in lard, the Coronary Dog, a half pound hot dog with tons of chili and bacon, and milkshakes that have a stick of butter in them. The owner of the establishment, Jon Basso literally said “If you eat at my restaurant for a week straight, you’ll die”! The restaurant is cash only, and it’s open everyday from 11AM-10PM. Eat at your own risk, and if you have eaten here, I’d love to hear your stories in the comments’ section below.

Off Topic: Get Me To The Heart Attack Grill For A Quadruple Bypass Burger,  Stat! - Sportress of Blogitude

Yet Another Heart Attack Grill Customer Dies

Heart Attack Grill -

Heart Attack Grill Displays Cremated Remains of Past Customer as New  Marketing Tool | Science Times

Asher’s Jukebox Part 194

Disclaimer!!! The nature and scenes from this music video depict some graphic violence, sexual abuse, and blood. Watch at your own risk!

Leather Teeth by Carpenter Brut, from the album “Leather Teeth” (February 23, 2018) Genres: Synthwave, Electronic, Dance, Darksynth

Before we get into this incredible piece, I need to let you know some backstory. Back in 2012, the Texas-based video game company, Devolver Digital, released an ultra violent top-down shooter that’s a love letter to the 80’s. The gameplay was fast paced, and the soundtrack introduced me to one of my favorite genres, Synthwave. I discussed Synthwave before, and it was not until Hotline Miami 2 that I was introduced to one of the pioneers of the genre, Carpenter Brut. His intense style and amazing bass fills immediately won me over, and I just had to look at his other work. Upon researching his work, I found this piece, and knew from the very start that I had to write about it sometime soon on my blog. Well, that time is now, so let’s get started!

This song starts out with a soft and droning synth, then, near the 20 second mark, the bass increases and we are treated to some truly orgasmic beats. I absolutely love the intense drum beats scattered throughout the piece, and everything seems to layer perfectly on top of each other. Even without context, you can totally tell that this work is made for sleazy slasher films. I adore this pure ear worm of a piece and I hope you guys will let me know what you think of it in the comments’ section below.

More Awesome Custom Hearthstone Cards

Hello fellow Tavern Dwellers! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome cards. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly Brawl!

Go’fark by maikco Type: Shaman Legendary Minion Appearance: A dopey, two-headed ogre mage wearing a shrine outfit. Mana Cost: 3 Attack: 2 Health: 5 Effect: Whenever you cast a spell, 50% chance to cast it again.

This is a very funny card with an absolutely hilarious name. The name is obviously a parody on Oh Fuck!, and that’s amazing. The card has pretty good stats for a 3-cost minion, and the effect is insane with evolve decks. It also is not too overpowered, so I could definitely see it in today’s meta.

Voodoo Master by Mzop Type: Warlock Epic Minion Appearance: An evil demon with glowing green energy. Mana Cost: 4 Attack: 4 Health: 2 Effect: Deathrattle: End the turn.

This is an immensely potent card that I could definitely see in today’s meta. The card has a crazy effect that could benefit both you and your opponent. Ending a turn early is an incredibly powerful effect, and can completely destroy your opponents’ plan in an instant. Unfortunately, your opponent can also do the same to you, so be sure to silence it before they can.

Asher’s Jukebox Part 193

Roll Me In (Katamaritaino) by Joseph Feliciano and GameChops from the album “Katamari Dance With MeReleased: 2014 Genres: Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Easy Listening Vocals by: Yui Asaka & Mika Sato

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of music from the crazy and amazing game, Katamari Damacy. The game is filled to the brim with charm and amazing music, and this song is no exception. This is probably my favorite piece from the game, and ever time I hear it, I get into a state of nirvana. It starts with a soft guitar and a samba like beat. Next, the melodic piano chimes in, along with some classy drumbeats. After that, we get the first experience with Yui and Mika’s vocals. The ladies sing in gorgeous Japanese, and the air fills with a calming presence. Finally, we get to my favorite part of the piece, the chorus. The vocals repeat “Ya Ya Ya Ya” multiple times, and an incredible sax solo starts playing. I highly recommend this piece to absolutely everybody, and I’d love to hear what you guys think of it in the comments’ section below.