Crappy Book Covers (Every 2 Wednesdays)

Well, we’ve done tons of crappy Video Game cover art on this blog, but we’ve never done book covers. Welcome to the book edition of the “crappy things posts”. Now, let’s begin!

  • I Devour Therefore I Am by Bradley Ramsey Genre: Horror Pages: 72 Release Date: May 31st, 2014 Quick Synopsis: This is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror series that focuses on a character named Arlana. It also discusses a fictional epidemic from start to finish. Unfortunately, the book cover is anything but pretty, and might freak out possible consumers. The cover depicts what appears to be a female entity with pitch black eyes. She has a pained expression on her face, and, for whatever reason, she doesn’t have a nose. The cover is very ugly, and looks like it was put together in a short period of time. I might still wanna check out the book though. 



  • Red Zero A Slade Kelly Suspense Series Book 1 by Dianne Harman Genre: Mystery 64 Pages June 30th, 2018 Quick Synopsis: This is a Mystery novel series about a sassy Private Eye named Slade. The cover is absolutely atrocious, and appears to depict a woman’s head emerging from a carpet along with a spilled glass of red wine. 

slade kell


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