Hall Of Shame: The Strangest Comic Book Characters (Every Other Tuesday)

Characters found in various DC and Marvel Encyclopedias, Jon Morris’ The League Of Regrettable Supervillains, and comicvine.gamespot.com

Hello fellow comic book lovers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more strange characters. Now, grab your favorite Graphic Novel, and let’s begin!

  • Fisherman Real Name: Unknown Status: Villain First Appeared: Aquaman Vol. 1 #21 May-June 1965 DC  Powers/ Weapons: Wields titanium rod and gas-bomb lures; hood boosts strength and allows breathing underwater.

Fisherman is a longtime foe of the superhero, Aquaman. He uses a fishing rod to trap his enemies, and then slices them up with a razor-sharp hook. His identity remains a mystery, however he seems to like carrying out seabourne thefts. He was killed by the police in Gotham City. The villain’s hood turned out to be an alien parasite that controlled its human host, and gave it powers.


  • Sack Real Name: Unknown First Appeared: The Uncanny X-Men #323 August 1995 Creator: Marvel Powers/Abilities: Nearly Invulnerable Ectoplasmic Body, Body Possession

Sack was a member of the underground team, the Morlocks. He was made a member of the X-Men by Cyclops, however died tragically by Nimrod.




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