More Fascinating Creatures Of The Sea (Every Other Tuesday)

Creatures found in DK’s Ocean: The Definitive Visual Guide

Hello fellow Marine Biologists! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means!  Yes, it’s time to take a look at some more fascinating creatures. Now, let’s dive!

  • Sailor’s Eyeball (Valonia ventricosa) Size: Up to 4 cm  Habitat: Rock and coral to 100 ft

The Sailor’s Eyeball is a very odd species of seaweed. They look like dark green marbles and consist of a large cell attached to a substrate by a bunch of filaments. Young plants have a bluish sheen. It reproduces in a very odd way, in which the daughter cell is created within the parent cell. 


  • Bignose Unicornfish (Naso vlamingii) Size: Up to 24 in Depth: 3-165 ft 

Unicornfish are very strange fish with horn-like projections on their foreheads. This particular species has a bulbous snout in place of said projection. They have bony plates on the base of their tails, which are sharp like knifes. These plates are used for protection against predators. They’re usually dark with blue streaks, and can pale into a silvery gray.



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