Halloween Post!

Info found in Yoda and Matt’s book, Yurei Attack!

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s time for a post that will make your hair stand on end! Now, turn off the lights, and let’s experience the ghost stories of Japan.

  • Kohada Koheji: Kohada Koheji was dead-set on becoming a star of the Kabuki stage. However, his performance skills were very poor. This all changes the day a director asks him to play a major role in an upcoming production. He plays the role of a ghost, which unfortunately is said to bring danger and misfortune to the actor. He ends up becoming famous for his ghost roles, and this is when things take a turn for the worst. Koheji was also quite dense, and completely overlooked the fact that his wife, Otsuka was having an affair with his friend Sakuro. Sakuro was a kabuki orchestra drummer, and wanted Otsuka all to himself. He decides to killed Koheji on a fishing trip. During the trip, as Koheji casts his line, one of Sakuro’s cronies grabs it, and drags the poor actor to a watery grave. Sakuro then frisks the corpse of all valuables, and while he reaches into the kimono, Koheji’s dead hand grabs his wrist. One of Sakuro’s henchmen then lashes out with a sword and severs the limb mid-forearm. Sakuro returns to Otsuka with the news, and she laughs, proclaiming that her husband is in the other room. Upon entering said room, Sakuro is meet with a horrible smell. This causes Otsuka to accept her husband’s demise, and she tells Sakuro to suck it up. When the horrible couple falls asleep, a man appears in front of them. The ghost of Koheji starts to appear every that the couple go, and while Otsuka sleeps, Sakuro sees a man run into his bedroom. Enraged by this, he grabs his sword and rushes in. Otsuka wakes up, and tries to block the blade with her hand. Her fingers get severed, and she begins to die. While Sakuro looks for help, he hears a loud scream from the bedroom. He’s met with a horrific sight of blood covered walls and chunks of scalp. He loses everything, and falls into a deep slumber, never waking up again. Luckily, this ghost doesn’t stalk people today. That is, if you aren’t a kabuki actor. 



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