Special Post! Asher’s Anime Review

Info about Anime found on en.wikipedia.org and Gintama Wiki

Hello fellow viewers! Today, I’m going to do a review of one of my favorite Anime. I haven’t completed the series yet, but I have enough information to make this an enjoyable post. Now, let’s dive into the wacky and hilarious world of Gintama!

Gintama is a series that was created by Hideaki Sorachi in 2003. It’s a fast paced gem of a comic, with an equally hilarious TV Show. The series takes place in Edo, Japan, during the time of the samurai. Aliens known as the Amato have taken over, and there’s only one man that still lives in the way of the samurai. Meet Gintoki Sakata, a silver-haired samurai with a wooden sword and a major addiction to sweets. He’s a freelancer, and runs an “Odd Jobs” company with his apprentice, Shinpachi, and his extremely strong friend, Kagura. Comedy is the series’ “bread and butter”, and it manages to still have a pretty compelling story despite the numerous laughs. Gintoki is constantly grilled by his landlord, Ms. Otose, to pay the rent, and usually spends his job money on manga and sweet things. Satire also plays a huge part in the series, as it parodies other great Anime, as well as itself. The “Fourth Wall” is almost always broken, and this definitely adds to the humor of the series. As the story progresses, we meet a variety of colorful characters, and even a full episode that parodies Star Wars! I highly recommend this series to absolutely everyone, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Gintama can be watched on Crunchyroll.com. The link will be posted below.




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