The Most Useless and Bizarre Super Heroes/ Villains (Every Other Tuesday)

Info found in the Marvel Encyclopedia, comic, and The League Of Regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris

Hello fellow viewers! I have decided to create a new topic that will be posted every two weeks. I have always found Superheroes and Villains extremely fascinating, and I would like to dedicate a post to the strangest and completely forgotten. So, get ready to laugh as we begin this humorous look into the bad, strange, and very pathetic.

  • Gin Genie Real Name: Beckah Parker  Super Power: Alcohol Based Shockwave Generation First Appeared: X-Force #116 Exit Wounds (2001) (Marvel Universe)

Gin Genie was a member of the X-Force who had alcohol-based powers. When inebriated, she could produce powerful earthquakes, which varied in intensity based on  the amount of alcohol in her blood. Unfortunately, due to her drunken state, her power was often used on her own teammates. Gin Genie met her end by helicopter fire, along with almost all of X-Force. Talk about your dangerous drunks, eh?


  • Glob Herman Real Name: Robert Herman Super Powers: Highly Flammable Body and Enhanced Physical Abilities First Appearance: New X-Men #117-Danger Rooms (2001) (Marvel Universe) (Member of the Omega Gang)

Glob Herman is an incredibly strange Mutant from the Marvel Universe. His body is made out of a living wax called bio-paraffin. It’s a transparent substance, and you can see his entire skeleton from the outside. Herman has a strange power, which allows his body to be set on fire. I believe that he is one of the strangest characters in the Marvel Universe, and I would love to learn more about his backstory.  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions of new characters to write about in the comments’ section below.




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