Awesome Creatures Of The Deep (Tuesdays)

Information about fish found in Claire Nouvian’s book, The Deep.

Hello everyone! I wanted to bring back a topic that I thoroughly enjoyed creating. As seen by the title, this post is going to be all about creatures of the deep sea. In my opinion, they are the most fascinating fish to research. It is like they are from another planet, and god do I love it! So, let’s prepare to take a dive into the unknown depths below!

  • Red paper lantern medusa (Pandea rubra) Size: 15 cm Depth the creature is found in: 500-1200m

The deep sea is home to some of the most beautiful Jellyfish, and this one is no exception! This gorgeous red creature was found in Japan by the biologist Dhugal Lindsay. The medusa has a strange ability to bend its form into right angles. It was first called the Origami Jelly by scientists in the United States who believed that they were the first to find it. This name did not stick, because of its original discovery in Japan and naming by biologist Lindsay.

red paper

  • Pigbutt worm (Chatetopterus sp. nov) Size: 2 cm Depths found in: 965-1300m 

This is definitely one of the weirdest sea creatures I have ever laid eyes upon. Either the ocean has a sense of humor, or I am going crazy, because I have never thought of seeing a floating butt in the deep sea! This freak of nature is extremely rare, and only ten are known to exist. It was first discovered by a team of MBARI scientists in California. The Butt Worm’s larvae spend most of their time floating in the water column. The worm feeds by inflating a mucus balloon, which collects organic particles on its surface. Aquatic life is weird!



If you guys want a wonderful look at the deep sea, check out this documentary. It’s quite an amazing look into the lives of some truly bizarre creatures.

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