Asher’s Manga Museum (Sundays)

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Hello fellow Manga lovers! It’s Sunday, and a new piece has been added to my Museum. I hope you guys are ready for this week’s artifact. Now, let’s begin!

Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki ( First published in 1988) 10 Volumes (Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Seinen) (Rated 16+)

This is an incredibly creepy and extremely unique Horror Manga series. It definitely has taken some influence from John Carpenter’s gory film, The Thing. The story centers around Shinichi Izumi, a fearful, but compassionate High School student. During the night, creatures known as Parasites land in Tokyo, and begin to infect people. One of these creatures attaches itself to Shinichi, and burrows into his left hand. When he wakes up the next day, he horrifically finds out that his right hand was eaten by the parasite. The creature begins to explain to Izumi that its species feed on humans for food, and then control their bodies. The creature is named Migi, and now Izumi has to have a relationship with this creature. Migi significantly increases Izumi’s physical abilities, and can turn his arm into bladed weapons as a means of self defense. Izumi wants to use Migi to destroy the other parasites who plan on wiping out the human race. He also has the challenge of hiding his “weapon” from others. This becomes especially difficult when Izumi hangs out with his best friend, Satomi Murano. The story progresses, and more parasites are defeated by the strange duo. The emotions really start to seep through the pages, during a spoiler-heavy event. I do not want to ruin what happens, but let’s just say it can make you cry. Izumi’s character develops as the story moves forward, and it finally finishes with a fantastic ending. The manga also has an anime, which is absolutely fantastic, and very truthful to the base material. Both the book and TV show are extremely violent and disturbing, so this is definitely a series that’s not for a younger audience. The anime can be watched for free on crunchy I really enjoyed reading and watching Parasyte, and I believe that it might be one of the best series out right now. If you are a fan of Horror films and gripping stories, I strongly suggest that you check it out. I would throughly enjoy hearing your thoughts on the series and recommendations of manga to review in the future. 

Below I will be posting the links for both the manga and anime, and I hope that you will enjoy them.


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