Another Interesting SCP (Tuesdays)

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Hello fellow researchers! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to explore the Foundation once again! Now, grab your Class S protective gear, and let’s begin!

  • Candied Worms SCP-839 Object Class: Safe

Description: SCP-839 appears to be a species of annelid composed of sugar, flavoring, and coloring. A microscopic label stating “CANDIED WORM” is found near each instance’s posterior, followed by a smaller label stating the instance’s “flavor”. Each “flavor” is currently designated as SCP-839-x. 

SCP-839 is generally found in temperate areas. SCP-839’s diet mainly consists of decomposing organic matter, however when there is no decaying matter apparent SCP-839 may ingest live plant matter. SCP-839 sexually reproduces. Mating [REDACTED] , followed by the egg hatching into a newborn instance of SCP-839.

When SCP-839 is ingested by any mammal, it will burrow through the stomach lining and towards a specialized organ. The choice of organ appears to be dependent on SCP-839’s “flavor”. SCP-839 will then attach itself to the organ and slowly ingest it. While the organ disappears, SCP-839 will change in form and chemical composition in order to match the organ. SCP-839 does not act as a perfect replacement, and other effects may occur. This process may take (BLANK) to (BLANK) days to complete.

SCP-839 has an average lifespan of three years. Users of SCP-839 are recommended to replace their integrated instance with a new instance every two years.

Addendum 839-1: Current “flavors” of SCP-839

“Flavor”,Color, Organ Replaced, Other Effects, and Designation

Cherry (Red) (Heart Replaced) (Increased blood sugar, Type-2 Diabetes) SCP-839-1

Blue Raspberry (Blue) (One Kidney Replaced ) (Blue urine) SCP-839-2

Green Apple (Green) (One Eye Replaced)  (Mild hallucinations, “greenish” tint) SCP-839-3

Watermelon (Pink) (Brain Replaced) (DATA EXPUNGED) SCP-839-4

Lemon (Yellow) (Stomach Replaced) (Less Fibre content, diarrhea) SCP-839-5 

Grape (Purple) (One Lung Replaced) (“Fruity” smell to breath) SCP-839-6

Orange (Orange) (Liver Replaced) (Increased acidity of bloodstream: (NOT RECOMMENDED!) SCP-839-7

scp839 A Cherry Flavored Variant of SCP-839




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