Another Unique SCP (Tuesdays)

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Some readers may find this disturbing: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

Hello fellow researchers! It’s Tuesday, and the Foundation has opened its doors once again! Make sure to put on your Class S protective equipment, and let’s begin the experiment!

  • The Pinwheel of Doom! SCP-161 Object Class: Euclid

Description: There are currently three copies of SCP-161 in Foundation control. SCP-161 appears to be brightly colored, plastic, child’s pinwheel with a “The Factory” Stamp on the back.

SCP-161 only displays its unique properties when held in the bare hand of a human being. Approximately three to seven seconds after grasping SCP-161, the holder will find himself made aware of how to activate the device. From this point on, the holder is completely convinced that SCP-161 is capable of emitting energy pulses, of varying strength. This conviction only affects the bearer, as no one can see these pulses, nor they appear to do any actual damage.

However, anything the user ‘destroys’ with these energy pulses becomes no longer capable of affecting the wielder, even when no longer in contact with SCP-161. Walls affected by the energy pulse  can be walked through by the wielder, and living beings so affected not only cannot touch the user, but anything  wielded by said beings will be unable to touch the user of SCP-161 as well.

A minor side effect causes the wielder of SCP-161 to develop megalomania and delusions of grandeur.



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