Another Interesting SCP (Tuesdays)

Some readers may find this disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Hello fellow researchers! It’s Tuesday, and the foundation has opened its doors once again.  Make sure to put on your class S equipment, and let’s begin!

  • Robo-Dude SCP-846 Object Class: Safe

Description: SCP-846 is a plastic toy robot measuring twenty (20) centimeters in height and five (5) centimeters in width. The bottom of SCP-846’s right foot bears the text’ Robo-Dude® (Now with Voice Command Action), by Dr. Wondertainment!’ Signs of  paint chipping and minor damage to SCP-846 indicate that it is roughly ten (10) years old.

SCP-846 is operated using a small ‘controller’ featuring an ‘On/Off’ button, a ‘Speak’ button and a small microphone. SCP-846 is activated using the ‘On/Off’ button, and verbal communication can be facilitated using the ‘Speak’ button. SCP-846 appears to be extremely well-programmed, if not sentient, and will respond to most questions posed to it.

SCP-846 identifies itself as ‘Robo Dude’ and claims that it possesses three hundred and fifty (350) ‘Robo Accessories’. When asked to use one of these accessories, the torso of SCP-846 slides open, revealing the desired accessory, which it then proceeds to utilize. The interior of SCP-846 appears to change completely each time it is asked to utilize an accessory. SCP-846 seems to be unable to utilize these accessories without being instructed to do so.

SCP-846 has claimed to possess, among other things:

  • A ‘Fire Drill’. (Tested, functioned as a flamethrower.)
  • An ‘Energy Laser’ (Tested, functioned as a pistol.)
  • A ‘Boom Ray’ (Tested, functioned as a rocket launcher.)
  • A ‘Melt-o-Tron 5000’ (Tested, sprayed acid at target)
  • An ‘Ultra Plasma Rifle’ (Tested, functioned as an assault rifle)
  • A ‘Hydrogen Cannon’ (Tested, functioned as a children’s water gun)
  • ‘Bug Spray’ (Tested, released unidentified organisms that consumed the wooden target.)
  • A ‘Ray Gun’ (Tested, released a stream of gamma radiation)
  • An ‘Atomic Grenade’ (Testing strictly forbidden.)

History: SCP-846 was brought into containment after an unknown individual delivered it in a sealed package to [REDACTED], a front company for the SCP Foundation. The label of the package simply read ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’. Agents, upon learning of SCP-846’s unusual properties, informed their superiors. SCP-846 was subsequently taken into Foundation custody.

robo dude! I WANT ONE!


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