Even More Interesting SCPS (Tuesdays)

Names of individuals have been CENSORED under direct order of the foundation.

Hello fellow scientists! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to open the database once again. I hope you guys are ready for some interesting items. Now, put on your protective equipment, and let’s get started! (All info found on scp-wiki.net)


  • This one is very disturbing! Read at your own risk! SCP- 478 Tooth Fairies Object Class (Euclid): SCP-478 are small entities of  inconsistent size and shape that resemble a darkly-colored butterfly or moth in flight. Wild instances have been encountered a number of times, but their elusive nature makes capture difficult. Extracted instances of SCP-478 do not seem to eat, sleep, breathe, or breed. They are somewhat predatory, and will normally prey on humans under the age of 25. They also seem to seek out individuals who have not shed all of their deciduous teeth. SCP-478 will enter a victim’s mouth while they sleep, and attach onto the soft palate in the upper nasal cavity, usually blocking one nostril. The body’s mucus production will increase, leading the victim, upon waking, to believe that they have developed a minor cold. From there, the victim’s palate will begin to generate teeth in addition to the gingiva’s (gums) normal replacement of teeth. This growth process will begin at a rate several times faster then normal tooth growth, and quickly increases in speed and severity. The palate’s generation of teeth will continue until the entire palate has been covered,proceeding down the victim’s throat and esophagus. Over the course of two to four days these teeth will completely saturate the stomach lining, then begin growing within the lungs and the subcutaneous layer of skin. Skeletal calcium will be leached away to provide new material for the teeth, in an increasingly painful process. This growth will continue until the entire digestive tract has been saturated by dental tissue, after which SCP-478 will exit the victim’s mouth and flee. Teeth with in the stomach are exposed to the body’s normal acid production, while teeth within the skin will group closely together, forming rigid masses of dental material underneath the surface. All teeth are normal beyond placement, containing a root, nerve and enamel. It is unknown exactly how or why SCP-478 causes this explosive new growth of dental tissue. (O_0) Jesus Christ! I’m so glad this doesn’t exist!

tooth   Sweet Nightmares!

  • SCP-807 Heart Attack on a Plate Object Class (Euclid): SCP-807 is a salmon- colored ceramic dinner plate 20 cm  in diameter with  the words “Last Chance Diner” printed on the edges in white. A small piece has been chipped out of one edge of the plate, just above the letter D. There are no manufacturer’s marks, and to date,all efforts to find the restaurant in question have failed. SCP-807 transmutes any food served upon it into a variation of its original form with high concentrations of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Once transmuted, the food in question is enhanced in flavor and aroma to perpetual levels, to the point where the desire to consume said food becomes nearly irresistible. Anyone who does consume said food, however, will undergo cardiac arrest  within five minutes of finishing their meal, due to sudden and massive fatty buildup in the major arteries. In some cases, immediate bypass surgery has been shown to be effective in saving the life of a subject. There has been many recorded transmutations.
  1. Cucumber sandwich with fresh cucumbers, white bread, and 2cc butter.- Fried egg sandwich.
  2.   Vegetarian Patty with fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion, with 4 cc ketchup, 4cc mustard, and two slices dill pickle on a whole-wheat bun- “Luther” Burger served on two Krispy Kreme donuts with three beef patties consisting of a total of 0.5 kg of beef, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, 8cc ketchup, 8cc mayonnaise, 8cc mustard, with a fried dill pickle on the side.
  3. Luther Burger- [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further testing of high-fat foods with SCP-807 has been suspended due to the high number of casualties.

cucumber  One of the SCP-807 transmutations


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