Asher’s Jukebox Part 159

Rock Club by Anamanaguchi from the album “Scott Pilgrim Vs.The World : The Game OST” 2010 (info about album from

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely adore Scott Pilgrim, and think that the film was a hidden gem. Then, the video game was created, and along with it, a completely badass soundtrack. This is one of my favorite tracks from the OST, and by god, it’s freaking glorious! It starts with an retro guitar and equally awesome drums. Then, the other synthesizers and electronic instruments start to create a wonderfully chiptune-esque beat. My favorite part of the song has to be the chorus, when all of the instruments simultaneously play together, creating one of the coolest retro beats of all time. The song completely lives up to its title, it freaking rocks!!! I highly recommend this piece to lovers of Electronic music and epic video game-style chord progression.

Tell me what you think of this piece in the comment’s section below.

Happy Listening 😀 AND ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

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