Asher’s Art Gallery (Mondays)

Hello fellow art lovers, and welcome to my art gallery! In this exhibit we have some of the most interesting pieces from all around the world. Now, step into the amazing world of art!

  • To the 100,000 Doves by Max Ernst Oil on Canvas 1925: Here we have a very unique piece by the European surrealist, Max Ernst. This work is quite intense in quality, and reminds me of one of Picasso’s collage pieces. The main focus of the piece is of course, the doves. However, these so called birds are quite bizarre in the way that they’re depicted. They seem to be overlapping one another, creating a strange monster-like entity. The use of simple reds, browns, and blues really blend this piece together. I’d like to hear what you guys think of this piece, so be sure to leave a comment in the comment’s section below.

the 100,000 

  • Tuxedo by Jean-Michel Basquiat Silkscreen on canvas 1982: This is a very interesting work by the late, great Basquiat. Unlike his other vibrantly colored works, this piece only incorporates the neutral colors of black and white. It’s a very big piece, and it’s easy to tell that a lot of hard work went into creating it. The entire piece is made over a black background, which gives the work a mysterious aura. Starting from the top, we see a white crown, which seems to be a staple image in many of Basquiat’s works. Below the crown, there appears to be crossed out words and white markings. As we descend down the piece, the words begin to become more visible, and a strange diagram with various arrows starts to form. There also appears to be six other crowns that are carefully hidden within this work. It truly is one bizarre and beautiful work of art. I’d love to hear what you guys think of this piece, so be sure to leave a comment in the comment’s section below.




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