Tasty Foods From Around The World (Tuesdays)

New Post Idea!

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s time for me to try out a new topic. I have always been a huge food fanatic, and I hope that this post will get you interested in some of the more unique dishes from around the world. Now grab a plate, and let’s see what’s on the menu for today!

  • Awesome Pancake! Okonomiyaki is a very interesting food that comes from Japan. (en.wikipedia.org) It’s a unique style of pancake that can be filled with onion, shrimp, and cheese, as well as other ingredients. (en.wikipedia.org) It’s covered in a special sauce, bonito, Japanese mayonnaise, seaweed flakes and pickled ginger. (en.wikipedia.org) This picture is just mouth-watering!



  • Yum! Pasta e fagioli is an incredibly delicious food that comes from Italy. (en.wikipedia.com) It’s a soup that’s base is made out of olive oil, spices, tomato paste, garlic, and minced onions. (en.wikipedia.org) It also has small pasta, that usually macaroni or ditalini. (en.wikipedia.org)


pasta e fagoli



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