Snakes From Around The World (Tuesdays)

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, and I know that you guys are looking forward to some more deep sea fish. However, I’m going to change it up this week, and decided to do a post on snakes. I hope you guys will enjoy it, and be sure to leave me a comment if you want to see this blog post in the future.

  • Mussrana (Clelia clelia) (sci name from the book Snakes of The World) The Mussrana is an incredibly beautiful snake that can be found in the Yucatan Peninsula. (Snakes of The World) They are very colorful, and are immune to Rattlesnake venom. (Snakes of The World) They’re also known to feed on venomous snakes, and can grow up to 8ft in length. (Snakes of The World)



  • Watch Out! Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) The Taipan is a extremely dangerous snake that can be found in New Guinea and Australia. (Snakes of The World) They can group up to more than 10ft in length, and they have venom that can kill a horse in five minutes. (Snakes of The World) Despite its fearsome capabilities, it will only attack if provoked. (Snakes of The World) 



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