Cool Sea Creatures (Tuesdays)

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new post! I’ve decided to shave my love of sea creatures with you wonderful people. Now let’s dive into the amazing world of Marine Biology!

  • Squirm! Squidworm (Teuthidodrilus) (scientific name from The squidworm is a very strange creature that can be found in the deep sea. ( It’s known as a “transitional organism” due to its benthic and pelagic characteristics. (


  • Ribbit! Frogfish are incredibly strange creatures that are part of the Anglerfish family. ( They’re masters of disguise, and are usually very slow, until they attack prey. ( They strike at speeds as fast as 6 milliseconds! ( Frogfish live in subtropical and tropical areas of the Pacific and Atlantic, as well as the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. (



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