More Weird And Wonderful Insects (Tuesdays)

Hello fellow Entomologists! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to add 2 more insects to the weekly post. I hope you guys are ready for some weird and amazing creatures. Now, grab a notepad and let’s get started!

  • What the heck is this monstrosity! Brazilian Treehopper (Bocydium globulare) (info about name from The Brazilian Treehopper is one of the most bizarre and grotesque insects on the planet. ( They are usually brown in color, and have very strange, spherical, spiky appendages protruding from their backs. ( This supposedly make it difficult to consume. ( I think that definitely has to be one of the “freaks” of the insect world!


  • BANG! All hail the king of ants! Bullet Ant (Paraponera clavata) (info about scientific name from The Bullet Ant is a small, but very dangerous insect that is found in lowland Nicaraguan rainforests and in the extreme east of Honduras. ( The insect gets its name from its extremely painful sting that’s said to be equal to getting shot. ( The sting is at the top of the Schmidt sting pain index, at a 4+ ranking. ( These insects are used for the initiation ceremony of the Satere-Mawe tribe of Brazil. ( The ceremony is used to transform boys into warriors. ( The insects are woven into a glove that the boy is forced to wear for 10 minutes! ( The poor boy must endure this torture 20 times to complete the ceremony. (


Asher’s Jukebox Part 125

Spaceman by The Killers from the album “Day & Age (Deluxe Version)” 2008: Ah yes, one of my favorite Killers songs. I can’t believe that this song is already 7 years old! It has everything, catchy vocals, awesome instruments, and an epic chorus. It starts with a celestial-sounding synthesizer, and then the vocals, guitar, and drums start playing. The piece is filled with interesting imagery and a very hummable chorus. I highly recommend this piece to absolutely everyone. Tell me what you think about it in the comments section below.

Happy Listening 😀

More Artworks I Love (Mondays)

Hello fellow art lovers! It’s Monday, and you know what means! Yes, it’s time for me to share some of my favorite artworks with you wonderful people. I hope that you guys will enjoy this post, and be sure to tell me what you think of it in the comments section below. Now, let’s get started!

  • Japanese Apricot 2 by Chiho Aoshima 2000 Inkjet print on paper: Here we have a very beautiful, yet unsettling painting from Japan. It’s a seemingly serene nature scene with amazingly detailed flower petals, a huge tree, and a sublime pink sky. The painting turns a bit dark when you see the worried,  nude, girl tied to the tree. There’s also 3 birds that are staring at the woman. I personally love the combination of beauty and wariness. In conclusion, this is both a sublime and disturbing piece of Japanese art.


  •   Notary by Jean-Michel Basquiat 1983 Acrylic, oil paintstick, and paper collage on canvas mounted on wood supports, three panels: Good old Basquiat, you never cease to amaze me! This piece is a giant, three panel Abstract masterpiece! The first panel, has many random words scrawled on it, as well as three speakers, and one half of a life preserver. The second panel, has two of his famous “heads”, random numbers and words, and the other half of the life preserver. The first head is pale, and looks very similar to a skull. The second head, is even more skeletal, accompanied by half of a body, and a long orange spine. The last panel, has more random words and splotches of multicolored paint. I love this piece so much, and I hope that you guys will enjoy it too.


Another Tasty Dessert From Around The World (Fridays)

Hello fellow food lovers! It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Yes, it’s time to add another dessert to the list. I hope you guys are hungry, because things are about to get sweet!

  • I Scream! A Choc-top is a popular dessert that comes from Australia. ( It’s mainly eaten at movie theaters. (  It’s made out of vanilla ice cream and hardened chocolate. ( 


Asher’s Jukebox Part 124

Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold) by Perturbator from the album “Sexualizer” 2013 (info about album from Are you guys ready for an incredibly amazing Electronic Dance piece? I sure hope so! I have praised Perturbator before on his powerful music, and the same can be said for this smashing track! It starts with an epic retro sound, and then the smooth guitar, drums, and other Electronic instruments start playing. The guitar is incredibly prominent in this piece, and the player puts his heart into the strumming. Near the end of the piece, we are treated with a jaw-dropping guitar solo that’s guaranteed to melt your face! I highly recommend the piece to anyone who likes an awesome Dance music. I’d love to hear what you guys thing of this piece in the comments section below.

Happy Listening 😀 AND START DANCING!

Asher’s Brewery (Thursdays)

Hello fellow mixologists! It’s Thursday, and my Brewery is open once again! I hope you guys are ready for some incredibly interesting drinks! Now, grab a shot glass, and let’s get mixing!

  • Twitch’s Spray and Pray (League of Legends Cocktail) (drink made by Nimhain of AlcoLoL)


  • 90 ml champagne
  • 30 ml Malibu
  • 45 ml Midori
  • 15 ml Triple Sec
  • 90 ml Pineapple juice
  • 1 dash Lemon juice

Directions: Pour Malibu, Midori, Triple Sec and juices into a tulip glass over ice, then stir. Add the Champagne and stir gently.


  • Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cocktail) (drink created by Jarylan Blackwell) 


  • 3 oz Strawberry Pucker
  • 1.5 oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Cherry Soda
  • 1 dash of Grenadine

Directions: Pour ingredients over ice in a highball glass and stir with bar spoon. Serve with pepperoni and sausage pizza, and a snarky comment.


Asher’s Jukebox Part 123

Hey Jude by The Beatles from the album “Revolution” 1968 (info about album from Are you guys ready for another blast to the past? I sure hope so! This is one of my favorite Beatles songs, and it still sounds good, even to this day! The melodic vocals and slow piano add a lot of emotion to this wonderful piece. Near the end of the song, the tempo picks up, and it goes full Rock! This amazing piece will have you humming the tune for hours. I highly recommend this song to absolutely everyone, and I really would love to hear what you think about it in the comments section below.

Happy Listening 😀