Even More Beasts Of Japanese Mythology (Wednesdays)

Konichiwa everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for us to once again dive into the incredible and creepy world of Japanese mythology. I hope you guys are ready for this week’s posts. Now, let’s go on a journey to “The Land Of The Rising Sun”!

  • Poor Old Man! The Nuraihyon is a very strange creature of Japanese mythology. It looks like old man with an abnormal gourd-shaped head and has whiskers like a catfish. (yokai.com) However, don’t let its appearance fool you! It actually is the most powerful yokai of all time! (yokai.com) He rightfully gets the title of “the Supreme Commander of All Monsters”! (yokai.com) Strangely enough, he can appear in busy households and drink people’s tea and smoke their tobacco, as if they own the place! (yokai.com)

old man 

  • This one is pretty unsettling, you have been warned! The Mikoshi nyudo is a very violent creature of Japanese folklore. They only appear late at night, usually on bridges, intersections, or empty streets. (yokai.com) They seem to look like normal priests, at first,but, don’t let that fool you at all! (yokai.com) They will transform into a grotesque and tall monster with sharp claws! (yokai.com) Those who gaze at it will often fall over, and then get their throats ripped out with its sharp teeth! (yokai.com) The only way to ward of the Mikoshi nyudo is to stare it without fear. (yokai.com)




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