Japanese Mythical Beast (Wednesdays)

Konbanwa everyone! It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! It’s time for me to once again dive into the weird and creepy world of Japanese mythology. I hope you guys are ready for this week’s entries. Now, let’s get started!

  • Don’t mess with this monkey! The Hihi is a very strange, but disturbing creature of Japanese folklore. It’s a rather large monkey-like creature that lives high up in the mountains. (yokai.com) It’s covered with long, black hair, a wide mouth, and long flapping lips. (yokai.com) They’re named after  the loud noise they make when they laugh. (yokai.com) They mainly prey on wild animals, however, they are also known to eat humans, if given the chance. (yokai.com) This is going to get kind of graphic, you have been warned! The only way to stop a Hihi is to make it laugh, while it’s laughing, you drive a sharp spike into the middle of its forehead! (yokai.com) Gross right?


  • Sexy lady…….NOPE! The Taka-onna is a very strange creature of Japanese mythology. They appear to be normal women, at a glance, however these creepy monsters have the ability to stretch their bodies to several meters in height! They mainly appear in red light districts, and the love to harass men and women alike! (yokai.com) They were originally said to be regular women that were too ugly to marry. (yokai.com) They never-ending jealousy of these women transformed them into evil monsters that prey on people’s sexual energy. (yokai.com)  



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