Cool Creatures of Japanese Mythology (Wednesdays)

Konbanwa everyone! Welcome to this week’s post on the amazing mythical beasts of Japan. I hope you guys are ready for this week’s creatures. Now, let’s dive into the awesome world of Japanese mythology!

  • Hairy little thingy! The Hiderigami is a very strange creature of Japanese mythology. It is depicted as a disturbing and hairy human-like creature that is only 2-3 feet tall. ( It “also has a single arm, eye, and leg” ( “All Hiderigami are female in gender”( They live in deep mountainous regions and almost never leave their homes. ( They are quite dangerous do to the fact that their bodies exert intense heat that causes everything around it to dry up. They can be destroyed by being thrown into a toilet. (


  • Don’t lose your head! Tsurube-otoshi are downright disturbing creatures of Japanese folklore. They resemble huge disembodied heads that usually live in high trees. ( “They lurk in the treetops late at night and wait for unsuspecting creatures to pass underneath (”. When the find something to eat, they drop down and squash their prey. ( As if this wasn’t bad enough, they also accompany this with a horrible laugh! (




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