More Mythical Beasts of Japan (Wednesdays)

Konichiwa everyone! Welcome to another post about the awesome and strange creatures of Japanese folklore. Mythology has always been a passion of mine, and I love to pass on my knowledge to you wonderful people. Without further ado, here are this week’s 2 creatures.

  • Rising from the ashes again! The Basan is a beautiful and interesting creature of Japanese mythology. They are bird-like creatures that are usually the size of a turkey and have fiery red plumage. ( They “breathe a mystical fire that has no flammable qualities.” ( Their name comes from “the sound they make when the beat their wings.” ( This usually occurs when they are startled or pleased. (


  • Bloody! The Jubokko is one very disturbing creature of Japanese folklore.  From a distance, they just look like a normal tree, but don’t let that fool you! ( They actually are quite dangerous and have an unquenchable thirst for blood! ( Beneath the “tree” usually lies piles and piles of dry of bones. ( They wait for an unlucky person to walk by, and then, they attack!! ( They use their “finger-like branches to hoist their prey up in the air and drain the poor soul of all of its blood, while the rest of the body is eaten by birds and other creatures.” ( I guess trees can kill you now!



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