Even More Phobias (Sundays)

It’s Sunday again, and it’s time to add 2 more fears to the list. They might be strange and funny, but remember people actually find these things terrifying. Now, let’s get this list going!

  • Chucky AAAAAAHHHHH! To anybody who has seen the film “Child’s Play”, this fear isn’t much of a shocker! If you happen to suffer from “Pediophobia”, even the smallest mention of dolls is enough to send you running for the hills! (phobialist.com)

cas  OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tik Shock Tik Shock! Some people can’t tell the time, while others think clocks are eerie. If you have “Chronomentrophobia”, these ticking menaces are your worst nightmare! (phobialist.com)



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