Even More Paintings I Love (Mondays)

Well, it’s Monday and you know what that means! It’s time for me to once again share with you wonderful viewers 2 more paintings that I love. I would love to hear your feedback on these paintings, and be sure to write down some suggestions  in the comments section below. Now, let’s get started!

  • Perpetual Motion by Rene Magritte 1935 Oil on canvas(material information from wikiart.org) This painting is very unique and quite silly! It was made by one of my favorite artists, Rene Magritte. It depicts a stereotypical caveman holding a bone in one hand and a barbell in the other. However, unlike regular weights, the barbell is part of his head! While the painting may be funny, I think it has a pretty interesting meaning. I believe that this painting is a satire for a stereotypical “muscle head” where the weight is actually part of the body. I find this an extremely interesting and awesome painting.


  •  The Blood of the World by Rene Magritte 1927 Oil on canvas (material information from oilpaintingonline.com) Yes, this is another Rene Magritte paintings. This one is very surreal and kind of macabre. The painting depicts a surreal look at the inside of human blood vessels. I really enjoy the veiny figures and overall power of this painting. I think it’s a great piece, however if you have Hemophobia, I’d suggest sitting this one out!



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