More Strange and Interesting Phobias (Sundays)

Well, it’s Sunday again, and I’m back with 2 more phobias to add to the list. These may be bizarre, funny, or creepy, but remember, the person afflicted with these fears won’t think so! So let’s get right into today’s fears.

  • Never Play Dragon Quest! If you get scared or anxious at the sight of a slippery and wet substance, you might have Blennophobia. Blennophobia is the “fear of slime.” (nursing You also will never be able to play the Dragon Quest game series, because the first enemies you fight are slimes!


  • Im sorry, what?! This has got to be one of the weirdest phobias I’ve every heard of. If you have Anatidaephobia, you are always scared that “no matter where you are, a duck is watching you.” ( It may be a fake fear but it’s still kind of funny.

This can’t be true right




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