Weird Pokedex Entries (Thursdays): Sources from various Dexes and

Warning! This post may contain the following: death, cruel actions, depressing subject matter, and disturbing content. Viewer discretion advised!

I am a huge Pokemon fan, and love all of the different creatures that live in its world. If you want to know more about a Pokemon, you use a Pokedex which is basically a Pokemon encyclopedia. Despite that the games are rated “E” for everyone, there are some downright disturbing Pokedex entries! This will be a list of some that I found the weirdest, or creepiest. Tell me what you think in the comments section below along with any suggestions of lists I should do in the future.

  • I’m gonna headbutt ya! Rampardos Pokemon Pearl Pokedex entry: Its skull as is hard as iron. It is a brute that TEARS DOWN jungle trees while capturing prey. (I guess having a “hard head” has its perks! XD)


  • Harsh! Sneasel Pokemon Pearl Pokedex entry: It is extremely vicious and will not stop attacking until its foe is INCAPABLE OF MOVING! (Would you believe this thing is only 2ft 11in?!)


  • Greedy Little Bastard! Sableye Pokemon X Pokedex entry: It hides in the darkness of caves. Its diet of gems has turned its eyes into gemstones. (I want my money back!)



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