Strange and Disturbing Pokedex Entries (Sources from various Pokedexes and

Warning!  Some of these entries might be very creepy or violent, so read at your own risk.

Here we are again with the fascinating world Pokemon. I hold this series very close to my heart, and I love learning about all of the different creatures. However, the makers of the Pokemon encyclopedia (Pokedex) sometimes push the envelope too far when it comes to some entries! Every Thursday, I will be creating a list of some of the most creepy and downright disturbing entries in the Pokedex. Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

  • CHECKMATE! Bisharp Pokemon Y Pokedex entry: Bisharp pursues prey in the company of a large group of Pawniard. Then Bisharp finishes off the prey. (Good strategy there!)


  • Dumb+ Dumb= Genius WTH! Slowking Pokemon Diamond Pokedex entry: Being bitten by Shellder gave it intelligence comparable to that of award-winning scientists. (So the bite gave Slowking super brains? Something doesn’t add up here!)


  • Yuck Kaboom! Koffing Pokemon Pearl Pokedex entry: Lighter-than-air gases in its body keep it aloft. The gases not only smell, THEY ARE ALSO EXPLOSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (So, it’s a stinkbomb?)



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