Amazing Desserts From Around The World (Thursdays)

WARNING! This will make you very hungry! I have a huge passion for food, and I love trying out new and tasty cuisine. So if you have a “sweet tooth”, you’ll love this list! I will also be taking suggestions of what new desserts to put on the list, so be sure to write in the comments section below. Now let’s go on an epic journey of culinary proportions!

  • Dobostorta (Hungary): The Dobostorta is a very heavy, but tasty, dessert created by “Hungarian cake maker, Jozsef C. Dobos.” ( A Dobostorta is a “beautiful sponge cake with five-layers of deliousness. It is covered with a tasty chocolate buttercream and then topped with thin caramel slices.” ( The cake can be covered with a variety of nuts, however, “the original cake is left alone.” ( The caramel isn’t just used as a tasty topping, “but it also stops the cake from getting into contact with moisture.” (



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