Strange and Cool Mythical Beasts (Thursdays)

  • Cursed?! The Onryo is a very disturbing creature of Japanese folklore. Like the Gasha-Dokuro, the Onryo is a vengeful spirit that is created from the deceased. The dead person has built up so much rage, that they can’t pass on to the afterlife. ( However, instead of taking the form of a huge skeletal beast, it resembles an enraged ghost. These spirits are extremely dangerous and disturbingly sadistic. They can easily kill people, however, they usually prefer to curse them, making the rest of their lives a literal “hell on earth.” ( The worst thing about the Okubi is that they continue      to terrorize a location long after they are dealt with. (


  • My pretty! The Black Annis is a very scary creature of English mythology. It is a blue witch with a serious mean streak.  The Black Annis has a particularly disgusting diet, mainly consisting of lamb and little children. ( (This gets pretty gross. You have been warned!!!) It is said that when she catches kids, she would take their skin and wear it around her waist. ( The story of Black Annis was a scare tactic that was used by many parents in the 19th century. They told their naughty kids to “behave, or Black Annis will come for them!” (

And Now Nightmares!



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